Exploring Las Catalinas: Tour Car-Free in the Hidden Beach Town of Costa Rica

Move aside beach holidays, you can now book yourself a vacation at Las Catalinas – an exotic, car-free, destination built along the shores of northwest Costa Rica. The silvery shoreline of Guanacaste in Costa Rica boasts an eco-sustainable nature-meets-pleasure zone. With an 800-plus mile coastline, it’s flanked by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans on both sides.

The Resort

The eco-styled resort town, which stretches over 1200 acres, is turning the tide of tourism in the region. Las Catalinas, the brainchild of businessman Charles Brewer, is inspired by the Mediterranean and Costa Rican architecture. True to Costa Rica’s motto Pura Vida (translated as pure life), Las Catalinas promises a good life to its tourists. Watersports lovers can choose from snorkeling to scuba diving, while bikers can ride through the 26-mile-long forest trail enveloping the town. Animal lovers can enjoy watching wildlife activities in the woods. There’s something for everyone in this breathtaking town.

For the Love of Food

This town is equipped with dining options, spas, and health food stores. If tapas platters interest you, head to Pascual, and for the Mediterranean fare there’s Poinciana. For the vertically-inclined, there are bars overlooking the ocean. Head to La Taqueria for the best tacos and drinks in town. The recently opened Santana Hotel serves espresso drinks, kombucha, and delicious cakes. The health conscious can head to Pots and Bowls for fresh cold-pressed juices.

Outdoor Life

Las Catalinas offers one the chance to explore nature in abundance. Blue seas with their sparkling beaches and thriving marine life can turn tourists into residents. The Beach Club, with its homely-cum-touristy vibe, offers a plethora of recreational facilities to its visitors. As you walk on the cobblestone pathways of the town, you’ll be greeted by colorful sights. It invites nature lovers to walk around the town and bask in their sunny outdoors.

A Must Visit Destination

Las Catalinas is a luxury destination suited for both tourists and home buyers. You can choose to stay at the resorts – for a vacation or a staycation – or find a pretty villa to make it your residential address. If you want to conduct an event, think of plazas dotting this town. It brands itself as a pedestrian tropical destination where you can walk from your villa to the market or to the beach. No wonder this place is quickly catching up to its natural abodes. So, what are you waiting for? Dive in and experience the sunny, noise-free, beach town of Las Catalinas.