The White Pass & Yukon Route Train Is A Cheap Ride To A Beautiful, Underrated Area

About 100,000 people hastily made their way to Yukon, an area in Northwestern Canada, in the late 1890’s to mine for gold. Some lucky folks got rich in what is now known as the Klondike Gold Rush.

The train that follows the path the miners took is called the White Pass & Yukon Route. It was built in response to the heavy traffic of Americans who were hoping to get rich coming from Alaska into Yukon.

Today, you can take that train for a beautiful vacation to surprisingly underrated and beautiful places.

yukon train

It was a very popular train line, as, before that, people had to bring pack mules and horses back and forth to have enough supplies for the winter.

Beyond the convenience for the miners, the railway has since been named an International Historic Civil Engineering Landmark, along with sites like the Eiffel Tower and the Panama Canal.

The best thing about it for the traveler is that there are views which you cannot see with a car, making the whole journey unique.


The ride is just under four hours and is guided, so you will know if you’re looking at the Bridal Veil Falls, a 100-foot tall waterfall, or the breathtaking Dead Horse Gulch, just to name a few of the sites.

The ticket is $122 for adults, and half that for children, which is an incredible price for the views you get to see.

yukon train

If you’re looking for a more serious journey, deeper into the wilderness, you can go on the Bennett Scenic Journey, which is on the same train route.

It goes all the way into Carcross, Canada, so you will need up to date passports to make that trip.

Whatever you choose, it’s a unique and cheap way to vacation in an area of historical importance and natural beauty.