Experience Charm and Explore Unique Landscapes at This Western Ireland Hotel

The 16th-century Gregans Castle is an expansive vine-covered estate located in the County Clare of Ireland. In a 1953 photo, you can see a middle-aged J.R.R. Tolkien standing in front of the castle, which was his home base to explore the Burren. Located in Western Ireland, the Burren is a wild and rocky expanse with winding limestone caves that fascinated the author due to their unusual landscape. The property also boasts an 18th-century manor house, which is now converted into a hotel for visitors. And here, you’ll get a full Bridgerton vibe, with old-English style décor, lushly landscaped setting, and quintessential country charm.

The Hotel

Across the road from the still intact tower house of the original 16th-century castle, the manor house was the summer home of the famous Martyn family of Ireland during the 1900s. The ivy-clad house features a charming interior reminiscent of the Aubrey Hall from Bridgerton. You’ll find croquet on the back lawn, open fireplaces dotting the interior, marble floors, and a cozy drawing room to enjoy afternoon tea. The 21 curated suites and guest rooms of the property are independently decorated with antique pieces sourced from across Ireland, capturing the essence of the bygone era. The nearby UNESCO-listed iconic Cliffs of Moher is one of the most visited sites in Ireland.

What it Offers

The hotel also boasts an outdoor dining area within a vast vegetable garden, available for private parties. Working with great local artisan producers, the hotel sources plenty of fresh fish from the nearby Atlantic and the famous Ireland lamb and beef from the Burren. In the dining room of the hotel, guests can enjoy the seven-course dinner menu, which changes daily under the supervision of head chef Robbie McCauley. Lunch, aperitifs, and afternoon tea are served in the cozy seating nooks of the jewel-toned drawing room. Chef McCauley also whips up a surprise seasonal tasting menu for the castle-exploring guests.

Head to Koreatown to Try the Best Korean Food in Los Angeles

Ever since a large neighborhood in Los Angeles became home to the Korean community, it has become a hub for its food and culture. When in Los Angeles and craving some Korean food, the various coffee shops, restaurants, and more in the neighborhood are sure to satisfy your soul.

The Restaurant Guelaguetza

Koreatown is a well-established neighborhood in LA, where you will see the names of the shops of every basic need written in hangul, an alphabet in the Korean language. From hair salons to florists, from grocery shops to Michelin-star restaurants, the Korean residents have it all. One of the must-visit places here is the VIP Palace. Although it got shut down decades ago, since 2001, it has been serving people some of the best food under a new name. Today, people recognize it as Guelaguetza, an Oaxacan-Angeleno family-owned restaurant. People visiting this restaurant can spend some time at the patio which was recently renovated from a parking spot. The locals will recommend you to definitely try the rice sauces, sourced from Oaxaca while you are living here. These sauces are a perfect blend of nuts, peppers, fruits, artisanal chocolate, spices, and seeds.

The Ham Ji Park and Dan Sung Sa

For people who can’t get enough of pork, there is definitely no other place better than Ham Ji Park. Order yourself some pork ribs and pork-neck stew with a side of the Pacific and you will be lost in the wonderful blast of flavors in your mouth. Another place in town for you to eat, drink, and relax in Koreatown is Dan Sung Sa. Here, you will be greeted with classical Korean vibes. Amazing graffiti and finger-licking food are what will make you want to stay for long. Do not skip out on trying the grilled squid, a specialty of theirs.

What Else to Do in Koreatown

In addition to all the food items that await you in Koreatown, there is a lot more for guests. With many historic landmarks such as the Art Deco Wiltern Theater and the Gaylord Apartments, you can take a walk and explore many such places here. For people who are into shopping, the streets of the main market are also known for some of the best fabrics. As the sun starts to set, you can end your day while sipping on some exceptional beverages at the many establishments lined up across the town.