Take a Trip Through Texas for One of the Best Road Trip Experiences

Texas is one of the most touristy spots in all of America. The Lone Star State has plenty to offer with its sprawling deserts, the tex-mex and barbecue cuisine, and its hot weather – all served with a side of southern hospitality. The state is not just good for visiting, it’s also one of the best states to take a road trip through. Read on to find how this southern gem can be just the ride you’re looking for.

The Start – Houston, San Antonio and Austin

Houston, along with the nearby cities of San Antonio and Austin is the perfect place to start the 900 miles journey to western Texas. Here, you can give your little gray cells a push at the Space Center Houston. You can also gawk at cultural attractions at the Mail Collection and James Turrell’s Twilight Epiphany Skyspace at the Rice University Campus. In the cosmopolitan city of San Antonio, you can enjoy the Stock Show & Rodeo and visit the Museum of Art. Be sure to check-in at the Pearl, which is home to some of the best and finest eateries of the cities. Austin, in contrast to the other cities, has a more youthful vibe. It is perfect for days spent at the museums and nights spent in the iconic music venues. Don’t forget to catch the Capital Cruise to see the bats on the Lady Bird Lake, as well as The Contemporary Austin sculpture gardens!

Texas Hill Country

Moving on from these three glittery cities, you can swerve to the west, to the Texas Hill Country. It is a good place to invest in a cowboy hat! Stroll through the Lyndon B Johnson National Park, named after the former schoolteacher turned US president.

Chihuahuan and Marfa

As you drive on, you will enter the largest desert of North America, the Chihuahua. The high-desert town of Marta is also popular for starring in the movies There Will Be Blood and No Country For Old Men are two such movies that have featured this desert. The desert is home to some of the most beautiful art installations created by leading land artists, and a sight to behold for anybody who visits. The towns of Alpine and Terlingua are good stops along the way for some rest and relaxation.