Did You Know You Can Trampoline In A Cave In Snowdonia?

In the heart of Snowdonia National Park in Wales is a big secret. Snowdon is the highest mountain range in Wales, but it’s not up you need to be looking, it’s down. Under the ground in the national park is a cave filled with wonders, including a giant trampoline.

Did You Know You Can Trampoline In A Cave In Snowdonia?

Bounce Below

You didn’t read that wrong, there really is a trampoline in a cave in Wales. Actually, there are a bunch of trampolines in the cave, and the adventure is called Bounce Below. The trampolines are suspended in mid-air and surrounded by nets to prevent people from falling below. They are linked together by a series of chutes that allow people to transport themselves from one to another.

Customers are led through the mines to the cave, where they put on their helmets and bounce around until their hearts are content. Once your trampolining experience is over, you get to explore some more of the cave as the exit takes you on a journey through a tight walkway. It’s like getting double the adventure in one.

Did You Know You Can Trampoline In A Cave In Snowdonia?

Subverting Expectations

The trampolines are not the only surprise in the cave, and there is actually a zip line adventure in the same set of caves. People are brought into the cave then harnessed to cables that run along the entire inside. Then you just climb up the footholes that have been put there for you until you get to your first line. Once you pass this test, then there are many more zips for you to enjoy while exploring this amazing cave underneath Snowdonia National Park.

If you thought caves were just for bats then maybe you should check out the Snowdonia National Park. You can bounce around until your heart’s content and then get your adrenaline pumping on the zip lines.