The Tourist Attraction In Britain You’ve Probably Not Heard Of

Anyone interested in exploring and traveling most likely has London on their bucket list. A typical tourist visit to London will most likely consist of a visit to Buckingham Palace, a cultural day at the British Museum, and a sit down for tea at Fortnum & Mason. However, many tourists are not given the inside scoop on where is a great place to visit, and that is Bicester Village.


Pronounced Bister, the shopping village is one of the most popular tourist attractions and has 6.4 million visitors a year. That is more visitors that attractions such as the Tower of London or the Tate modern receive annually.

The reason as to why it is so popular is because it is essentially a huge outlet mall which is very close to London, with great deals and bargains to find.


Amongst the 160 shops in the village, you can find designer brands such as Prada, Gucci, Valentino, and Versace. The village is even more appealing because of the fact customers can find goods for up to 60 percent off normal retail prices.

According to The Telegraph, 60 percent of people who visit the outlet are foreign tourists, with travelers coming from China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, and Kuwait. Fortunately for foreign travelers, they get to enjoy the discount plus enjoy the onsite tax refund service that is also in the village.


If you’re now thinking of going, know that you can get to Bicester Village from London in just 46 minutes from London Marylebone train station. With two trains every hour, you will have no problem visiting this hotspot.

Upon arrival, you will also be greeted by workers in red bellboy caps and cloaks, as well as walkable streets with potted plants and a real village vibe. This will be a completely different shopping experience for tourists to enjoy, so be sure to visit it when you next travel to Britain.