Take A Dip On The Wild Side When You Swim On Top Of A Waterfall

For travelers who love the thrill of adventure, Victoria Falls is often a coveted destination for a trip. The tallest waterfall in the world, the top of the falls drops from 354 feet of elevation. With over 250,000 gallons of water per second being dumped over the cliff, the falls are a stunning example of the power of nature.

For many people, simply seeing the falls, which are located on the border of the African countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe, is adventure enough. But for the bravest few, you can up the ante for a limited period of time each year.

Nestled into the space next to Livingstone Island, there’s a tiny pool of water in which explorers can take a plunge. The pool is located mere feet from the edge of the falls, which makes the experience truly exhilarating for those intrepid few who are always on the lookout for a thrill.

From your seat in the natural pool, you can gaze down at the full height and might of the waterfall. There’s a caveat, of course. The pool is only accessible during the dry months between August and January, when the water level lowers enough to reveal the ‘Devil’s Pool’ without instantly sweeping swimmers over the edge of the river.

According to the Zambia Tourism website, “For the rest of the year, anyone foolish enough to enter the waters would be instantly swept to their deaths. But when levels drop, the natural rock walls of the Devil’s Pool come close enough to the surface to form a barrier and stop swimmers [from] being carried away.”

Those who are looking to take a glimpse over the edge while in the water itself will need to book a trip with a certified tour guide, but otherwise, just remember to pack your bathing suit, and leave your fear of heights behind.