Stockholm’s Subway Has the Longest Art Walk Worldwide

T-Centralen is Stockholm’s subway central stop, connecting its green, red, and blue lines. It was initially opened in 1957 and its blue line platform was designed in the 1970s by Per Olof Ultvedt. The Stockholm subway prides itself on being “the world’s longest art exhibition,” and that is a well-founded statement.

Since Sweden started its construction in 1950, 250 artists worked countless hours to decorate 94 stations of the subway system.

The Stockholm Subway
Stockholm’s Subway Has the Longest Art Walk Worldwide

LED Sculptures, Reliefs, and Murals Adorn the Subway Stations

Many of the stops of the subway system resemble caves that a troll might inhabit. Their blasted bedrock walls are sprayed with concrete and adorned with intricate reliefs, murals, and LED sculptures. One station has candy-colored tiles and a frosted white ceiling while another has flaming red walls that resemble a hellish landscape.

The T-Centralen Station is brightly lit and features an intricate white and blue mural that envelopes the walls and ceilings, giving a magic feeling to the viewer. Exploring the art of the stations can be a very time-consuming effort but is certainly worthwhile for any tourist visiting the capital of Sweden. Some stations are even left with the bedrock exposed.

Crude and unfinished, the bedrock serves as part of the decorations. At Rissne station, there is an informative wall fresco that runs along both sides of the platform and describes the history of Earth’s civilizations.

The Stockholm Subway Makes Sweden
Stockholm’s Subway Has the Longest Art Walk Worldwide

The Stockholm Subway Makes Sweden a Must-visit Destination

The Stockholm subway is a great work of three-dimensional art, and although pictures definitely show how awesome the sights are, nothing can compare to seeing them in person. The different segments and panoramic views are stunningly beautiful and make for a completely different experience for anyone using the subway.

Sweden’s unique Stockholm subway system is not just an incredible subterranean art, it is also the longest art walk anyone can experience, which makes it a destination definitely worth visiting.