Immerse Yourself In Winemaking When You Sleep In A Wine Barrel

Wine lovers may think that they’ll never get tired of visiting wineries around the world, but every now and again, it’s still good to break out of the mold. One German hotel isn’t asking visitors to stay away from their beloved vintage, but rather is giving them an opportunity to get even closer to the winemaking process.

Sasbachwalden, Germany might not be the first place wine lovers think of, so to draw more tourists in, they’re throwing in a night in a wine barrel on top of their vineyard tours.

Schlafen im Weinfass is the hotel offering a choice of five different barrel options for overnight stays. Far from being the kind of experience that’s best described as “roughing it,” the barrels all have comfortable beds, regular bathrooms, and even offer garden space outside.

Each barrel has also been fitted with windows that give guests a stellar view of the surrounding countryside, there’s nothing about staying in a wine barrel that will feel like a punishment.

The German village isn’t the only place in the world where travelers can stay in a wine barrel, surprisingly. For those who want to stay a little bit closer to home, they can easily travel to Walla Walla, Washington and stay in a barrel located at a private home not far from some of the best vineyards in the region.

If you want to make a European tour out of wine barrel accommodations, that’s also an option, as the Dutch town, Stavoren, offers the very same option at Hotel De Vrouwe van Stavoren.

For those considering a trip to Sasbachwalden, the perks of the wine barrel hotel go beyond being absolutely adorable. The price is utterly affordable, and overnight packages come complete with a basket of locally made cheese and sausages to accompany all of that wine you’ll be drinking.