The Singita Kwitonda Lodge In Rwanda Has Amazing Volcanic Views

Surrounded by high-altitude jungle and volcanic hills, the Singita Kwitonda Lodge is known for its incredible views, sustainability, and Rwandan design. Nestled at the foothills of Sabyinyo, Gahinga, and Muhabura volcanoes, the lodge complex gives its guests access to the beautiful landscapes of Rwanda.

The Safari Lodge Is a Notable Conservation-focussed Eco-hotel In Rwanda

The Singita Kwitonda Lodge in Rwanda
The boutique Kwitonda Lodge is the latest addition to Singita’s roster of hotels that focus on nature and ecology conservation. It was named after a local celebrity, Kwitonda, who is a silver-back gorilla that resides in 178 acres of a forest of the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. In addition to its stunning volcanic views, it offers gorilla-trekking tours. According to many, gorilla trekking in Rwanda is among the most profound wildlife experiences one can have in this world. A trip like that would start at the edge of a volcano and go through the dense forest, leading toward the summit.

The Lodge Has Eco-friendly Energy Harvesting and Water Collection Systems

The interior of the Singita Kwitonda Lodge in Rwanda.
The Kwitonda Lodge was built with materials from the Musanze district and has energy harvesting and water-collection capabilities that make it completely eco-friendly. It has just eight suites, and its rooms can adapt to the jungle setting using covered verandas, soaking tubs, a heated plunge pool, and indoor and outdoor showers. The interiors are made and decorated with natural materials, including timber furniture and woven ceilings. The color palette consists of lava black and fiery orange, and the furnishings, objects, and patterned fabrics are all made by African artisans.

The Lodge has a larger four-bedroom house, which includes a gym, swimming pool, private chef, and media room. The rooms are connected to the main lodge via volcanic pathways. There, guests can relax at the bar, restaurant, or spa facilities after a long day of sightseeing and gorilla-trekking. Certainly, visiting the Singita Kwitonda Lodge, checking out the beauty of the surrounding nature, and catching a glimpse of the gorillas’ everyday life would be an exciting prospect for anyone looking to visit a different hotel.