How To See All Of Rome In Just A Few Days

Rome is one of those cities that most people feel they need to see at least once in their lives. But time can be limited, and sometimes we only get to visit Rome as part of a wider European vacation. Luckily, with this guide, you can see all of the essential parts of Rome – even if you have just a few days.

How To See All Of Rome In Just A Few Days

The Big Hitters

If it’s your first time to Rome then there a few places you can’t really ignore, so we can cross them off the list pretty early. Lines for the Colosseum are pretty long, so to maximize your time, it’s best to get here early in the day and take it all in before the day gets too hot.

Before you jump in line for the Colosseum, it’s best to indulge yourself in a little Italian breakfast. You can’t come to Italy and ignore coffee either, so find a cafe and order yourself something to eat before setting off for the day.

With the morning spent checking out the Colosseum, why not cross another significant Rome landmark off the list and visit the Vatican? These are probably the two busiest places in the city, so putting them at the top of the list allows you more time to take in Rome at your own pace.

How To See All Of Rome In Just A Few Days

Spanish Steps

Another famous landmark in Rome is the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain. You’ll want to make sure you get to see both of these as well as the many obelisks and churches along the way. Visiting Rome wouldn’t be the same without indulging in some food, and we recommend dedicating plenty of your time to simply relaxing, eating, and watching the city come to life.

Rome might not have been built in a day, but in just a few days you can see everything it has to offer.