Hop On A River Cruise For Your Next Tour Of The Rhineland

River cruising is becoming an increasingly popular way to travel, as you have the chance to experience the sheer variety of a larger location, without sacrificing your precious time in transit. One of the newest cruise lines to open itself for service, Crystal River Cruises, offers trips down the Rhine River, which passes through the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland.

River cruises may not hold up to the fanfare of their larger, open sea cousins, but as Crystal River Cruises makes clear, you won’t feel like you’re making a sacrifice when riding in their vessels.

The beauty of cruising through Europe is just how close each port is to each other, making it increasingly easier to explore an ever greater area in one trip. The ships that Crystal takes to the water uphold the standard of service that has come to be expected in Europe, from the decor to the food, to the stunning amenities that are on board.

With sleek, but luxurious designs, the Crystal line of boat cruises seems like an intimate boutique hotel that just happens to be floating on water. Even in the smaller suites, you’ll have a large closet included in your room, plus a rainfall shower in the bathroom. Larger suites include a salon complete with a fireplace.

Another benefit of a river cruise vs a mega ship is the number of passengers that can be accommodated at one time. The Crystal Bach, for instance, can only hold a little more than 100 passengers. This will give you the chance to get to know your fellow travelers in a more meaningful way, as you’ll be dining together in intimate comfort. The cruise itself lasts 14 days, which will give you plenty of time to explore the various port cities, without feeling like you raced through the whole thing.