Rhodes, Greece Is the Perfect Place to Go for Constant Sunshine, Gorgeous Hikes, and the Largest Butterfly Reserve in the Country

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Planning a trip to Greece can be overwhelming because there are so many beautiful islands to see. It can be difficult to know which parts of Greece to prioritize, and what to skip. While all the islands are certainly worth a visit, we recommend spending a decent chunk of your trip in Rhodes. Don’t just take our word for it! Panos Constantinidis, CEO of Swot Hospitality Management Company, says, “What makes Rhodes truly special is its dynamic character — offering relaxation, a vibrant party scene, serene beaches with crystal-clear waters, and windier beaches for thrilling sea sports.” What more could you want?

Where to Go

Old Town

If you want to see an area reminiscent of the Gothic period, check out Old Town. This area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with cobblestone streets and classic charm.


This is the second-largest city in Rhodes and, arguably, the most beautiful. Built over 4,000 years ago, Lindos boasts streets filled with bougainvillea and Cycladic-style houses.

West Coast

This is the least touristy area of Rhodes, probably because it’s quite windy there. If you’re into sports like windsurfing, though, the weather is an attraction rather than a deterrent. West Coast also has excellent hiking trails, for those who may want a less adrenaline-filled activity.

What to Do

Boat Tour

Rhodes boasts glass-bottom boats that allow you to see into the water without swimming or knowing how to snorkel, making this a perfect activity for families with young kids. The boats leave from Mandraki Harbor in Rhodes Town, or you can get a private boat that will take you to the island of Symi. You can also book an extended boat tour which will allow time for diving and swimming once you’re out on the water.

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Rhodes’ weather conditions make it the perfect place to try windsurfing. Experts will feel right at home on the windy island. Even if you’re a beginner, you can still join in on the fun as there are plenty of lessons for those just starting out.


The Valley of the Butterflies is a beautiful trail that boasts tons of butterflies, as the name suggests. Not only that, but you’ll also spot moths and calming streams on the trail. Make sure to go in either July or August to enjoy everything this hike has to offer.

A Pain-Free Guide to Maintaining Your Routine on Vacation

Stay Active During Your Travels

We’ve all been there. You book the vacation and start preparing for days by the pool by rigorously training in the gym and your body becomes an example of perfect fitness. But something happens while you are on vacation, calorie counters go out the window, food tastes better and your squat routine is sidelined. You don’t need to totally self-sabotage while on a trip, there are a ton of alternative workout routines that you can easily integrate into your jet-setting days.

Indulge Without Overdoing It

First things first, being on vacation isn’t an excuse to eat and drink to excess. We get that you want to sample fine delicacies and fancy cocktails, but you can be smart about portions. Consider that in many European countries dinner is served at much later hour and usually consists of lighter fare. Breakfast and lunch can be heavier, protein rich, and provide you with the nutrition you need to see every museum and art gallery on your list.

Indulge Without Overdoing It

Give yourself the freedom to experience local cuisine and treat yourself to something little here and there, just remember that vacations end after all and you don’t want to regret that second slice of Sicilian pizza.

Stay Active

Be active! Hiking in a local park, renting a bicycle, or signing up for a rock climbing course can be an awesome way to experience the place you are visiting and maintain your fitness goals. One of my best memories from a trip are centered around surprise hikes in desert canyons and knowing I really learned to push my physical limits. If that idea scares you, why not try some alternative activities? Tango lessons in Argentina, Muay Thai classes in Thailand, and whitewater rafting in Canada are at the top of our bucket lists.

Stay Active

And when you really feel like you need that yoga break, you can always wake up an extra half hour early and hit the gym in your hotel room. There are a ton of weight exercises available to you without any equipment necessary.