5 Reasons Why You Need to Add the Aeolian Islands of Sicily to Your Bucket List

If you’re constantly on the lookout for new and exciting destinations to add to your bucket list, then you’re in luck. That’s because the Aeolian Islands of Sicily are ready and raring to be added to the top of that list. These seven small islands are hidden gems in the ocean, and they have so much to offer.

Embrace The Beautiful Coastline

All seven Aeolian Islands are stunning, but if you love beautiful coastline and stunning beaches, you’ll love Panarea. The beaches here are so famous that they attract some of the biggest A-list celebrities every single year.

Check Out An Active Volcano

When was the last time you saw an active volcano erupt? Well, you could be seeing it with your own eyes very soon. Stromboli’s volcano is one of the most active volcanoes on the planet, and it erupts almost every day! By taking a night boat from Ginostra, you can see this for yourself.

Eat Natural, Locally Grown Produce

Do you love to eat delicious food on your vacation? If you head to the island of Salina, you can do just that. This island is the most luscious of the seven, which means that you can taste wine made from local grapes, olive oil from local olives, and so much more.

Hike Up The Craters

What makes the Aeolian Islands so amazing is the fact that they are all extremely volcanic. When making your way to Lipari, you can get a gorgeous view of all of them. This island is mountainous and hilly, and perfect for those who want to hike up craters and check out the views.

Head Under Water

Because of the volcanic activity around these islands, there are many underwater fumaroles – especially in Panarea. That means that you can head underwater and snorkel amongst these volcanic bubbles. Isn’t that cool?

So, is it time to book your plane tickets?