Unparalleled Comfort Offered On New Polar Cruise Ship, Starting In 2020

Polar adventure cruises will be available starting in 2020 with what promises to be an unparalleled experience, combining little-seen nature and the height of comfort and leisure. Quark Expeditions is taking cruises to a new level with a brand new ship that can hold 200 passengers and 140 crewmembers. The ship also comes with 20 Zodiak inflatable rafts, two helicopters, and four simultaneously operable heliports.

The company has been at the vanguard of polar cruises since the 1990s, combining leisure with exhilaration. That being said, this newest ship is more powerful than the other liners in the company and will be able to reach more remote parts.

Speaking to Travel and Leisure, Quark Expedition’s Elliot Tulloch said that “this will be our most luxurious ship, offering a premium on-ship experience without compromising on the expedition experience.”

While it is standard practice to repurpose a generic ship to be able to survive the harsh polar conditions, Quark designed a ship especially suited for this environment. The ship will go to both polar areas, Tulloch said, “Arctic and Antarctic. Each year we will reposition, North [to] South and South [to] North.”

In addition to specializing the ship to be able to confront the challenges posed by the extreme polar environment, passengers will be able to view the harshness outside from the safety of a fitness room equipped with panoramic windows. Imagine doing yoga while overlooking the natural snow, water, and sky that is so unique in the polar ice caps! And as far as fine dining is concerned, there will be a top-notch restaurant and wine bar with a view outside from every seat and an indoor-outdoor grill.

But will the crew know how to handle themselves in the extreme conditions? “You’re going with the real pros, who know the area and know the environment,” Tulloch said. “They’re going to take you to the best destinations, and you’ll still get a high-quality experience on board.”