3 Places You Should Visit In Croatia Right Away

If you don’t have Croatia on your bucket list, then you should probably add it straight away. In fact, you should put it right at the top! Book your flights, pack your bags, and don your sunglasses, because there are so many towns, cities, and destinations in Croatia that will take your breath away. Of course, it won’t be possible to see every nook and cranny during your trip, so we’ve narrowed your itinerary down to three places you just have to visit.

3 Places You Should Visit In Croatia Right Away


Although many people have slated Dubrovnik in the past for being too overcrowded, the crowds of people don’t take away from the fact that it’s one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. This walled medieval city looks like something from Game of Thrones and features incredible terracotta roofs, cobbled streets, and impressive churches. As if that wasn’t enough, Dubrovnik also features a stunning marina and beaches that will take your breath away. What more could you want?

Plitvice Lakes National Park

There’s a high chance that you’ve seen pictures of this place before because it’s absolutely out of this world. Plitvice National Park is a natural wonder that really does need to be seen to be believed, as it features impressive waterfalls, crystal clear lakes, luscious forests, and wildlife that you may never have seen before. Not only can you wander around this area via the wooden walkways, but you can also take a dip in the water.

3 Places You Should Visit In Croatia Right Away


Korcula is only a small little island, but what it lacks in size it definitely makes up for in beauty. This 30-mile island is surrounded by water wherever you look, and the center is full of areas that want to be explored. There are medieval villages, there are impeccable sandy beaches, and there are even olive groves and vineyards. As if that wasn’t cool enough, we’ve heard that their markets are some of the best in Croatia…

Croatia is becoming increasingly popular as a travel destination, but don’t worry because there is plenty of this country to go around. Croatia is split into various different islands and cities, which means that you can either work your way around or focus on one particular destination that takes your fancy.