Explore Charming Philadelphia at Its Best

A Guide for the Best Way to Explore Philly

Philadelphia offers an enchanting blend of history, culture, and vibrant experiences throughout the year, with its cobblestone alleyways, scenic river trails, and a bustling culinary scene. Here are the best times to explore the captivating city for every kind of traveler.

Best Times to Enjoy Perfect Weather

Best Times to Enjoy Perfect Weather

The prime seasons to visit Philadelphia are fall and spring, offering pleasant weather for outdoor exploration. From early October through November, the temperature becomes crisp and cool, providing comfortable conditions for strolling through the historic streets and admiring the autumn foliage. May and June are characterized by sunny and warm days without the high humidity of summer, ideal for experiencing the city’s outdoor attractions, such as Fairmount Park’s cherry blossoms and the charming Schuylkill River Trail.

Best Times to Avoid Crowds

To escape the crowds and savor Philadelphia at a relaxed pace, plan your visit for mid-September, just after the back-to-school rush, or early November, before the holiday season kicks into full gear. During these times, the city is less crowded, allowing you to enjoy popular attractions and landmarks with ease. Additionally, the coldest months of January and February offer a quieter and more serene atmosphere, perfect for scoring restaurant reservations.

Best Times to Save Money

Philadelphia offers opportunities to save money on accommodations for travelers on a budget. Consider arriving on a Sunday or Monday night instead of a Thursday or Friday, as hotel rates tend to be lower during the beginning of the week. Despite being the peak wedding season, fall provides more affordable options compared to the summer months. Another excellent way to save is through Visit Philly’s Overnight Package, which includes perks like free parking and tickets to popular attractions such as the Franklin Institute’s Disney100 exhibition.

Best Times to Enjoy Exciting Events

Best Times to Enjoy Exciting Events

Philadelphia boasts a vibrant calendar of events that span the entire year. In March, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society hosts the renowned Philadelphia Flower Show, a spectacular display of floral artistry. The Italian Market Festival in May offers live music, delectable treats, and the amusing Grease Pole contest—a unique Philadelphia tradition. As summer arrives, the city heats up with events like the Roots Picnic in early June, featuring a star-studded lineup of musical performances. July offers Wawa Welcome America, a two-week celebration leading up to July 4th, featuring free concerts, museum admissions, and family-friendly programming. Fall brings intriguing events such as the haunting Halloween Nights at the historic Eastern State Penitentiary. During the holiday season, Dilworth Park transforms into a German Village market complete with an ice skating rink and Winterfest.

Megalochori in Santorini Is the Perfect Place to Relax With Half the Crowd and All the Fun

Everybody has a different definition of a perfect vacation. For some, it’s partying all night, meeting new people, and exploring new cities, while for others it is all about finding peace away from the crowd and hustle of everyday life. If you are the second type, then we have a gorgeous village for you to visit, that is not only quiet and peaceful but is an example of beauty at its best. Megalochori, a tiny getaway located on the southwestern side of Santorini, is a must-visit for people who are looking for some downtime.

Let’s Rewind a Little

Megalochori village is the complete opposite of what the city areas of the island have to offer. The village was abandoned in the 1950s, but is slowly getting restored and brought to the modern era by the people, who are also ensuring that it doesn’t lose its authenticity. As you wander around the village through its cobblestone pavements, you will find nothing but decades-old mansions, shops, and more at their best.

Staycation in Megalochori at Vedema

Although Santorini has a lot of lavish hotels for its visitors, if you want to stay somewhere where all you see from your window is mesmerizing views and nature at its best, then stay at one of its luxurious resorts. Vedema, once an old winery, was turned into a luxurious resort in 1993. In fact, back in the day, people used to visit the village especially to get a tour of this winery.

Grab a Bite at Raki

If you stay in Ducato Hotel & Villas, make sure to try out the finger-licking food at Raki. Located in the main square of the village, you can find the best breakfast that Megalochori has to offer here. Alisachni Art Gallery has a collection of over 500 drink labels for one to choose from.

Adventures in Megalochori

From visiting one of the oldest wineries in the village to exploring art and musical performances, this tiny getaway has a lot to offer. In addition to visiting that, you can also take a tour of the Symposium to enjoy music and art, make pottery at the Earth & Water Studio, and check out the leather items hand-created by Stelios Drosos, owner of Transit Mask. Also, make sure you finish off a long day at the spa in Ducato.