The Best Pet-Friendly Hotels Around The World

Many of us can’t bear the thought of leaving our pets behind, and now it looks as though we won’t have to. That’s right; the best pet-friendly hotels around the world mean our four-legged friends can travel with us on our latest adventure.

The Best Pet-Friendly Hotels Around The World

The Langham Hotel, Australia

This hotel is the only accommodation in Sydney that allows pets, and their specific programs can see your furry friend have the time of their lives. As well as a gourmet treat on arrival, food bowls, and a plush bed, pets here can choose from some of the highest quality meals including grilled salmon, quail eggs, and beefsteak.

Hotel Cappuccino, South Korea

Hotel Cappuccino appears to have everything. Their only rule is that dogs must weigh less than 22 pounds. Thankfully, they will be greeted with toys, beds, and bowls throughout their stay. Plus, the hotel offers teeth cleaning products and sleeping gowns while a portion of their profits goes towards the Korea Animal Rights Advocates.

The Best Pet-Friendly Hotels Around The World

Jumeirah Living World Trade Centre Residence, Dubai

There’s luxury accommodation, and then there’s this hotel. The rooms are more like apartments meaning there’s plenty of space for both you and your pet. The hotel also offers up dog walking and pet-sitting for when you need to run any errands while you can both enjoy a mini fridge stocked with the highest quality food. Oh and a doggy gym, of course.

12 Apostles Hotel, South Africa

The rule for dogs here is they must stand below the knee, and they aren’t allowed in the restaurant while food is served. Otherwise, the hotel is theirs to enjoy! Cats can choose from dishes such as scrambled eggs with salmon trout while dogs can chow down on ostrich burgers during their stay.

The Best Pet-Friendly Hotels Around The World

Hotel Nikko, San Francisco

This city is the most pet-friendly in the world, and now you can both enjoy your stay in San Francisco. Hotel Nikko has its own resident dog who gets to enjoy playing on the rooftop grass with the others – using toys supplied by the hotel. Guests just need to pay $50 a night to bring their canine along for the stay.

We no longer have to worry about finding someone to care for our pets while we’re away – they can come along for the ride too thanks to the best pet-friendly hotels around the world. Life really does get better.