Smart Ways To Visit Orlando On A Budget

Disney is supposed to be the place where dreams come true, and Orlando is home to some of the greatest parks on the planet. So what if you want to visit Orlando on a budget?

Smart Ways To Visit Orlando On A Budget

Pre-Book Tickets

If you want to head to the parks, then it pays to pre-book your tickets. You will often find major discounts on park entrance fees if you watch the websites and can avoid getting overcharged at the gates. Plus, you won’t have to budget in the ticket fees when thinking about your spending money.

Think About Food

Of course, we need to eat, right? Food in the parks is often majorly overpriced and can see us spending a hugely unnecessary amount. The same goes for many local restaurants. However, there are cheaper chains dotted through the city that still offer some delicious meals. Want to save even more? Head to the local store and cook up your meals before you leave!

Time It Well

Sometimes, it can be all about timing if you want to save some money. School vacations and holidays are the most expensive times to travel. Opting for a trip while the youngsters are at school and steering clear of any major celebrations is sure to see you get the best price.

Smart Ways To Visit Orlando On A Budget

Shop For Rooms

You don’t have to stay in a fancy hotel or Disney resort to get the most from your trip to Orlando. Traveling with a large group means it can often be cheaper to rent a house while looking at hotels on offer throughout the city might throw in some discounted deals.

Get Out And About

Orlando is famous for its Disney parks, but there is also so much more on offer. Go Orlando Cards mean you pay one price yet have access to a whole host of attractions, including the Kennedy Space Center, Legoland, Gatorland, the Titanic Artifact Exhibition, and many more.

Orlando is a city that is on many of our bucket lists, and for a good reason. However, taking a trip to the famous area doesn’t mean we have to spend a fortune once learning the smart ways to visit Orlando on a budget.