On Location With James Bond: Amazing Vacation Spots Inspired By 007 Films

One of the best things about being James Bond is that he gets to travel for work. It is perhaps not the best for him, though, as he is busy battling Jaws or dodging Oddjob’s swirling hat.

What many people do not know is that the locations showed in the films are not simply filmed on a soundstage in Los Angeles. In fact, a vast majority of the overseas scenes in the Bond series have been filmed on location.

The locations many times include beautiful, iconic landmarks. Taking a vacation to these places will be more relaxing for you, as you can enjoy these holiday spots free of fears of henchmen.

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Dr. No features the famous scene where Ursula Andress comes out of the waters of a Jamaican beach in her white bikini and seashells. The beach is called Laughing Waters.

The island of Jamaica is also important for Bond fans, as the writer behind it all, Ian Fleming, has a vacation house there.

His home, “GoldenEye” is open for travelers who want to stay in the place where he penned the stories that we still see today on the big screen.


In the beginning of Skyfall, 007 is in Istanbul and is part of a heart-pumping motorcycle chase in the area of the Grand Bazaar. The action-packed scene is so exciting, there is no surprise the movie made over $1 billion.

Bond also was in Istanbul during From Russia with Love, so it is definitely worth a visit. To stay there in style, try the Ciragan Palace, where you will be on the waters of the Bosphorus strait, and pampered with the best accommodations.

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Bond quietly swims in the waters near an Indian palace in Octopussy. He is able to sneak into the island castle by disguising himself as a crocodile.

Unfortunately for him, he meets bad guys in the palace. However, you can visit the opulent castles of Udaipur, the “Venice of the East,” without fear of running into villains.