Get To Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast Before The Tourists Find Out About It

2017’s Global Peace Index revealed the Nicaragua has become much safer than it has been before. Now, tourism is sure to increase there- especially in the beautiful Emerald Coast.

The coast is 30 miles long, and is right next to a tropical forest, perfect for those looking to get into nature for their vacations. Since the country is economically still growing, prices are relatively cheap, too.

One of the exciting things about the Emerald Coast is that there is a lot of offshore winds that make it perfect for surfing, almost year round. Through the surfing community, the secret of Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast is leaking, so you better get there quickly.

“There used to be Canadians and Americans who came to surf, and now you get surfers from Spain, France and all over,” said one surf instructor.

As more people come to the area, the locals have invested in making upscale accommodations for the richer tourists. One of the big investors was Carlos Pellas, a billionaire from Nicaragua (the nation’s first).

He helped build Mukul Beach, Golf & Spa, which he believes will help boost luxury tourism to his home country. The hotel is amazing, as you do not get rooms in a building, but rather huts with amazing views into the water. Also, each hut has its own small pool. As the name suggests, there is also golf (18 holes) and a spa.

For those who want to get out of the hotel and explore, there is a lot of hiking and biking to be done on the trails nearby. They also offer a tour with a guide who will help show you the local wildlife, which includes iguanas, sloths, and howler monkeys.

This experience is perfect for those looking to have an eco-tourism sort of vacation, for relatively cheap, in a yet-to-be-overrun part of the world. Be a trailblazer and head to the Emerald Coast.