This Country Will Be The Next Most Popular Vacation Destination

Up to now, everyone has raved about visiting countries in Europe, going on safaris in Africa, or backpacking around South America, but there is one country that is overtaking all these holiday destinations. According to Euromonitor International, by 2030 the destination of choice will be China, overtaking the current number one, France.

Trips to China have grown by five percent since last year, with a crazy 1.4 billion trips in 2018 so far. The market research group estimates that the country will gain around $2.6 trillion in the travel industry in the next 12 years from its influx of visits. Interestingly, about 80% of the tourists visiting Asia come from within the continent.

So you may be wondering by now – why China? According to The Guardian, there are a few factors why more and more people are wanting to visit this unique and amazing country. Firstly, the country has become more accessible as it is much easier to request travel visas, especially for visitors who are coming from other Asian countries.

These surrounding countries themselves are also benefiting from economic growth and can enjoy more luxury travel. Additionally, a number of budget airlines are also making the travel here cheaper and easier. Let’s also not forget that the 2022 Winter Olympics is set to be hosted in Beijing.

However, before you jump on a plane to China, this is not the only country that is experiencing a boom in their tourist industry. Countries such as Egypt, Tunisia, and Turkey are all experiencing an increase. In 2017-18, Egypt alone experienced a 134% increase in bookings.

According to Malay Mail, by 2030, the top five travel destinations will also include the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and France. While you may think you still have plenty of time until then, that is a lot of places, so you better start booking those vacations!