Everything You Need To See And Do In Vietnam

Explorers hoping to make their mark in as many countries as possible would be wise to visit Vietnam. Although it was once a place of great conflict for the US, that doesn’t take away from the beauty and charm of this Asian nation. There’s so much to see and do here that you’ll be glad you made the journey.

Everything You Need To See And Do In Vietnam

The Lantern Festival

There’s something incredibly magical about seeing thousands of lanterns lighting up the night. That’s what you can expect in Vietnam if you visit the country during their new year celebrations. The spectacle is unlike anything you’ll have ever seen before, and it will leave you lost for words. If you’re willing to pay, you can even set off one of the lanterns yourself.

Halong and Bai Tu Long Bays

One of Vietnam’s most esteemed sights is Halong Bay. Thousands of people visit the site every day to get a glimpse of the beautiful scenery. It’s certainly something worth marveling at, but if you don’t like crowds, you can also visit Bai Tu Long Bay. The nearby site is just as enchanting, but it doesn’t attract so many tourists. It’s an excellent alternative for a quieter day of sightseeing.

Everything You Need To See And Do In Vietnam

Hang Son Doong

You might not have realized it, but Vietnam is actually known for its prevalence of caves. There are hundreds of them near the border to Laos, including one that’s taller than any other in the world. Hang Son Doong stretches so high it could fit a skyscraper inside of it. If you want to see for yourself, excursions are led from Phong Nha where guides will show you around and maybe even take you cave diving.

Buon Ma Thuot

If you’re someone that travels the world in search of the best coffee, you can’t miss out on a trip to Buon Ma Thuot. This popular city is home to Vietnam’s coffee industry and produces what some consider to be the greatest cup of Joe around. It’s impossible to visit here and not get a taste of the stuff, although whether you’ll like it depends on your taste buds. You’ll just have to go there and try it for yourself. Plus, the city is worth exploring in its own right.

There’s plenty to keep you busy during a vacation in Vietnam. So much, in fact, that you probably won’t be able to cram it all into one trip.