Mountains Of Ladakh – The New Destination For Glamping

Since the turn of the 21st Century, glamping, short for “glamorous camping,” has been a popular phenomenon in the world of travel. The newest destination for this form of camping can be found in the mountains of Ladakh.

glamping 1

The summer of 2018 will see the Indian region laden with luxury tents by the Ultimate Travelling Camp. Ladakh has developed a huge reputation for its plethora of Buddhist temples and its stunning scenery.

What glamping enthusiasts will find in this part of the world is an introduction to Ladakhi culture. The great thing about this experience is tourists can experience the remote landscapes while still enjoying a comfortable camping experience.

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However, the glamping is just a small part of this unique experience. Ladakh boasts an incredible amount of culture, from its monasteries and monuments to its arts and festivals.

Glampers will also get the opportunity to mingle with the locals, experiencing their customs and traditions. One popular activity in Ladakh is the ancient form of polo that was introduced to the region in the 17th century.

It’s not just the land of Ladakh that glamping guests can enjoy, as you will be close to the Indus River and have the opportunity to go rafting. As for the glamping experience, visitors can expect to spend their nights in luxury tents.

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With four-poster beds and wooden chandeliers in every room, this is a truly luxurious experience like no other. One thing is for sure – the weather will not be an issue as every tent is triple-layered, providing impeccable shelter from the elements.

Each tent has all the amenities that one would often associate with a five-star hotel suite. With en-suite bathrooms, Wi-Fi, a library and electricity, this true luxury camping. Each tent even has a butler!

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That’s not all though. The camp has its own in-house chef, who sources local ingredients, paving the way for a menu full of traditional and international food.