The Most Colorful Places On The Planet

If you’ve never gone traveling before, now might be the time to do it. The world is full of so many colorful places that have to be seen to be believed.

Mu Cang Chai Rice Terrace Fields (Vietnam)

If you travel several hundred miles north-west of Hanoi, you’ll discover these incredible rice fields. Famed for their distinct angles, this part of Vietnam is colorful all year round. It goes from being a luscious green in the spring and summer to a crisp yellow in fall and winter.

The Maldives

Many people love a vacation in the Maldives and its pretty obvious why. Those white sands beaches and beautiful blue waters are hard to resist, especially when combined with the tropical climate. This place is a paradise of warmth and color.

The Most Colorful Places On The Planet

Provence (France)

Anyone who loves the scent of lavender would enjoy themselves immensely in France’s Provence region. Miles of the stuff can be found here, creating a sea of purple that will brighten up anyone’s day. The flower fields of Sénanque Abbey are particularly worth a visit, especially during the summer months.

Las Salinas De Torrevieja (Spain)

Looking to enjoy a spa treatment while immersed in nature? Then this colorful lake in Spain is the place to be. The salt and mud in the water make it ideal for pampering yourself while outside. Plus, the bubble-gum-pink water is worth seeing up close.

The Most Colorful Places On The Planet

Namib Sand Dunes (Namibia)

Climbing these sand dunes in the Namib Desert might be exhausting, but appreciating their colorful beauty requires no effort at all. From the bottom, you can admire the red and orange glow of these dunes as you snap a couple of pictures. You don’t want to miss out on a photo op like this.

All these eye-catching destinations show just how wonderful nature can be. Perhaps it’s time you see these colorful places for yourself.