The Best Italian Summer Escape With 2 New Luxury Hotels and Crowd-Free Activities

A Dreamy Vacation With Two New Luxury Hotels

Italy’s picturesque island of Capri is a dream destination for many travelers seeking the perfect summer getaway. However, its popularity also means that it can get crowded during peak tourist seasons. But fear not, for we have uncovered the secrets to enjoying a quintessential experience in Capri without the overwhelming crowds. From strolling the charming streets in the early morning to indulging in private lunches with renowned chefs, here’s how you can make the most of this gorgeous island while avoiding the masses.

Choose Your Hotel Wisely

Choose Your Hotel Wisely

The key to a fabulous Capri experience lies in selecting the right hotel. The recently opened Hotel La Palma, a gem from the prestigious Oetker Collection, offers an idyllic oasis just a short distance from the famous Piazzetta. Whether you’re sipping drinks by the poolside or indulging in a pampering spa session with products from Santa Maria Novella, Hotel La Palma promises to elevate your Capri getaway to a whole new level of luxury and relaxation. With exquisite rooms and suites, delightful restaurants and bars curated by Chef Gennaro Esposito, a luxurious spa, and an inviting outdoor pool, Hotel La Palma ensures a lavish and comfortable stay.

Embrace the Local Culture

To truly savor the essence of Capri, venture out in the early morning or late afternoon when the crowds have subsided, leaving the island’s serene beauty for you to explore. A guided walking tour with a local will lead you to hidden gems such as the picturesque Giardini di Augusto and the charming town of Anacapri, offering a glimpse of the island’s more laid-back side.

Discover Capri by Boat

Circumnavigating Capri by boat provides a captivating perspective of its natural wonders. A trusted tour operator can arrange a private boat tour to explore the island’s enchanting grottoes, where you can dive into the crystal-clear waters away from the bustling Blue Grotto. Feast your eyes on sights like the Villa Malaparte, a breathtaking piece of architecture that once starred in a famous movie.

Relax in Intimate Luxury

Relax in Intimate Luxury

For a more intimate and affordable experience, check into Il Capri, a charming hotel in a neo-Gothic pink palazzo near the Piazzetta. With a youthful vibe, homey ambiance, and a delightful rooftop restaurant called Vesuvio, you’ll savor the authentic flavors of Capri while enjoying the panoramic views. As you soak in the island’s natural beauty, bask in the warm hospitality of Capri’s friendly locals and partake in the exclusive activities, you’ll truly understand why many return to this enchanting destination year after year.

This Trail May Be the Best Way to See New England’s Fall Colors

Berkshires in Massachusetts, New England draw millions of nature lovers each fall when the scenic allure of the area reaches its peak. With the fall foliage of hardwood forests turning amber and gold, Berkshires has long been an indisputable destination for meditative walks. Now, a new route across the region’s spine is going to transform this into a hiking trail, like an American spin on the popular European-style walking holiday. Named the High Road, this hiking trail is going to connect travelers to the leafy towns of Massachusetts for nature therapy, with stops at cozy inns full of creature comforts.

The High Road Project

Once completed, the High Road hiking trail will offer travelers direct access to conservation lands and wildlife preserves. This New England town-to-trails pathway will also include charming mountain towns like Lenox and Great Barrington. Unlike traditional hikes, which usually require putting up tents and carrying heavy backpacks, the travelers on this trail would be able to refuel at local eateries and enjoy cozy comforts at night in local inns and B&Bs.

The Goal

According to Deanna Oliveri, the project manager with BNRC, or Berkshires Natural Resources Council, this High Road project possesses two main ideas – showcasing nature like the European interconnected walking tours, and more access to the pristine conservation lands of the region. Oliveri explained that this New England trail focuses on rekindling the ancient tradition of pilgrimage routes, adding a more modern goal of improving public access to the outdoors.

The Lenox-Pittsfield Trail

The new route of High Road will contain seven or eight 10-mile pathway segments, running from north to south through the mountains and their resident communities. Currently, only one segment is open for travelers with two trailheads. One of them is at the Kripalu Yoga Center campus in Lenox and the other is at the Bousquet Mountain Ski Resort in Pittsfield. The central attraction of this section is the Yokun Ridge, a hulking foundation of conjoined mountain peaks, thick with a scenic and diverse array of boreal and deciduous forests.

The Allures

Along the route, Lenox Mountain is the highest point, offering panoramic views of idyllic farms, natural ponds, and the neighboring Taconic Range of New York. The Mahanna Cobble viewpoint overlooks the Bousquet Mountain trailhead revealing pristine expansive woodlands. Mount Greylock, the tallest mountain in this New England region, offers a stunning view of the region’s iconic fall colors. At both ends of the route, Lenox and Pittsfield towns welcome hikers with cozy comfort and decadent delicacies in their Queen Ann cottages and flowering patios.