Its Time To Take A Visit To Hydra, The Quaint Greek Island With No Cars

Thinking of your next travel adventure? Looking to escape the hustle and bustle of work and city life? Well, look no further than the quaint Greek Island of Hydra. With the friendly locals, crystal-clear blue water views at every turn, and pure serenity away from the party islands such as Mykonos, Hydra is a place of interest to add to your go-to list.


While Hydra may be different if you had visited 10 to 20 years ago, at the same time, not much has changed. With its transition into modernity, with your grocery shopping consisting of avocados, almond milk, chia seeds, and kale, your delivery will be made by a donkey-drawn carriage, making the town a host of sweet contradictions, adding to its serene charm.

And with such charm, you can’t help but want to explore the city on hand and foot so to be sure to miss a thing. Well, good thing is, that is exactly how you get around, having to walk almost everywhere.


Being a no car zone, you’re bound to pass the friendly and hospitable year-long or seasonal residents, and they are your go to, real-life TripAdvisor. Look no further when finding the perfect restaurant recommendation than to a local, who are most likely to send you straight to Papagalos, meaning Parrot in Greek, and a modern alternative to a classic Greek seaside taverna.

During the day, you can find yourself doing eight-mile hikes, with the chance to jump off cliffs immersing yourself into the crystal clear water and a cool down from the Grecian heat.

When you’re done, it’s time for the next site which is found following the path which continues past the cliffs by Hydronetta and into the small old fisherman village of Kamini. En route, there’s even another discovered gem of Techné, with dreamy views and nautical color scheme, itching to be Instagrammed.


Once reaching Kamini, here you will find a small marina with waterside restaurants and its own beach with umbrellas and lounge chairs, where you can sit back and relax at the end of your day, while devouring in your choice of fresh seafood and veggies from the Castello Hydra restaurant attached.

When finished, it then calls for the time to head back to the port and catch a ride back to mainland by boat, which leave on the hour, almost every hour, making there no need to rush or even check any train time schedules. A real plus!