Welcome To The Mesmerizing, Pattern-Filled Hotel Of Doha

If you’re a sucker for a top class hotel that is hopefully not too far beyond your price range, then you need to make sure to check in at this new hotel in Doha, Qatar. What sets this place aside from other hotels is its incredible patterns.

doha 1

Almost like stepping into a large kaleidoscope, Mondrian Doha is full of mesmerizing patterns that are absolutely stunning to experience and for the next few years at least, it is a great time to visit.

In 2022, Qatar will be the host nation for the FIFA World Cup and will be the very first edition of the competition to take place in the winter, due to the extreme, arid conditions.

What makes Mondrian Doha so special is that it is the first SBE hotel in the Middle East. SBE Entertainment is renowned for providing luxury hotel experiences.

doha 2

It’s situated in one of the most convenient locations in the West Bay Lagoon, the main nightlife area of Doha. Mondrian is in the right place, especially because it will have its own rooftop pool and nightclub. It will even have a SKYBAR, a venue synonymous with SBE hotels.

However, probably the highlight of the hotel is its incredible furnishings, put together by South West Architecture and designed by the flying Dutchman, Marcel Wanders.

To understand just how amazing the Mondrian is, let’s break it down in numbers. With a staggering 270 rooms, with a variety of different suites to choose from, there is something in the Mondrian for all tastes.

doha 3

For those who looking for the very best experience, there is the penthouse, which is located on 23rd Floor. This stunning suite gives visitors one of the best views in the whole of Doha.

That’s not all, though. The hotel also boasts an impressive spa with men and women sections as well as a gym and a handful of function rooms.