How to Have a Great Family Vacation to the Arches National Park

The Arches National Park is located in the U.S. state of Utah and spans over 76,679 acres. It was established on April 12, 1929, and has the status of a national monument. It’s one of North America’s most visited natural sites with an estimate of 1.7 million visitors per year. The park is home to the highest density of natural arches in the world and is a great destination for a domestic family road trip.

Panoramic views of the Arches National Park, one of the United States' most well-known natural sites.

When to Visit the Park

May and October are the best times of the year to visit the Arches National Park. Temperatures range between the 40s and 70s, which creates the ideal conditions for a family hike. Summer visits are also an option but it’s best to explore the park before sunrise or after 5pm to avoid the scorching summer heat. While the winter can be cold in Utah, the upside is that you’ll have the park for yourself and you’ll have to pay less for accommodations. Going during the week is preferable to going during the weekend as the park is less crowded.

The Double Arch, a majestic formation that is visited by millions on yearly basis.

What to Explore in Arches National Park

Families can easily see the park’s highlights in a single day by using the roads that lead to the different arches. Another option is foot exploration, which will take a few days but is an amazing bonding adventure that will create memories to last for a lifetime.

The Delicate Arch is so famous that it features on Utah's license plates.

The Delicate Arch is arguably the most famous landmark of the national park. The iconic formation is reached after a 45-60 minutes hike from the parking area and offers amazing sunrise or sunset views of the area. Other notable arches are the Windows, Sand Dune, Eye of the Whale, the Double, and the Landscape. The Balanced Rock is another well-known natural site that is worth an up-close visit.

Visiting the Arches National Park is a great way to forget about day-to-day worries and have a memorable family vacation that the children will genuinely enjoy.