New Glamping Hotel With Skylights Opens Near the Grand Canyon

Do you love the great outdoors but don’t want to rough it during your next vacation? The Backland Resort near the Grand Canyon offers home comforts without sacrificing any of the natural beauty around you. From showers, air conditioning, and heating, to hot tubs, laundry facilities, and even a restaurant, this new hotel offers all the amenities you need — plus some — to make your next trip unforgettable.

The New Glamping Hotel

The Backland Resorts is opening near Williams, Arizona, and is an experience unlike any other. The 160-acre glamping property abounds in the mountains and forests and presents an authentic rustic charm. Here, guests can spend the night in a boutique tent cabin; all the facilities, even the toilets, are first-class. The tents are furnished with electricity, top-quality linen on a king-size bed, and a bathroom with a shower and low-flow toilet. The resort will offer guests a unique camping experience with all the amenities of a hotel. The tents will be luxurious and comfortable, and the views of the stars at night will be incredible. The hotel will surely be a popular destination for campers and stargazers.

The Facilities

When guests wake up in the morning, they’ll find freshly brewed coffee ready in their coffee maker. The tents also have patios, so there’s even more space to spread out and be comfortable. A family of four to six people can sleep in each tent. All of Backland’s other indoor spaces are special because they shield you from the hot Arizona sun without compromising the views. For example, each tent contains a 16-foot-wide panoramic window and a skylight so you can gaze at the stars while staying nice and toasty. Furthermore, the lobby (which looks nothing like you’d expect from a log cabin design) includes windows made from glass. The resort also offers the guests many activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, and fishing, as well as free yoga classes on the beach.