The Most Glamorous Camping Spots In Europe

There is camping, and then there’s camping with style. Many of us head to the great outdoors for all kinds of reasons. However, if you’re looking for a portable room with a view, then why not check out the most glamorous camping spots in Europe?

Eco Luxury Yurt Suite, Lanzarote

Believe it or not, but this yurt has a marble-floor bathroom, wood flooring, and is filled with antique Mongolian furniture. Thankfully, the sandy beach is just a few steps away from your door, too.

Mongolian Yurts, Switzerland

These yurts are 6,700 feet up in the air and offer up luxury in a way like no other. They are open year-round, meaning you can soak up the summer or snuggle down in the depths of winter.

The Most Glamorous Camping Spots In Europe

Camping Les Moulins, France

France is filled with campsites, but Camping Les Moulins goes the extra mile. It is filled with lodges are filled with everything you could need. Plus, they are surrounded by forests and plenty of local villages for the ultimate getaway.

Teapot Lane Luxury Camp, Ireland

Ireland, the true Emerald Isle of the world. Teapot Lane Luxury Camp offers up a handful of yurts dotted among the forest where guests can enjoy all the fun of the outdoors.

The Most Glamorous Camping Spots In Europe

Eco Retreats, Wales

This retreat has one goal in mind: to help campers reconnect with nature. Guests get to enjoy a stay in a tipi or yurt as they sleep surrounded by woods and meadows. Guests even get a complimentary healing session.

Europe is filled with so many hidden gems that are all waiting to be explored. If you want to take it all in but want a new way to enjoy yourself, then the most glamorous camping spots in Europe are sure to give anyone all they need to say “goodbye” to the real world and “hello” to relaxation.