For An Unconventional Vacation, Head To A Volcano

Although it is relatively common to go to a mountain vacation for a ski trip or a hike, you will not hear so much about going to a vacation on a volcano. However, for those looking for an off the beaten path adventure, this is the perfect place to go.

Not only can you do the regular hiking, but you can also do activities like sand boarding. Also viewing the lava of an active volcano is one of the most thrilling natural wonders out there.

Sandboarding is more accurately called volcano surfing when you do it on the molten rocks and ash of these geological behemoths. In Nicaragua, there is an active volcano called the Black Hill.

It has erupted at least 23 times, but it is safe enough to make the hike up. At the top, you can see an amazing view that makes it well worth the hike.

If you have a guide, they will also help with the surfing equipment. No need to worry about the smoke that might be coming from the volcano. Surfing down is exhilarating, although, for most, it is more of a sledding experience.

Another sort of volcano vacation you can take is to Hawaii, which has the added benefit of already being a vacation destination. This way you can do half and half if the volcano is not your thing. The Kilauea Volcano has not only erupted, but it is erupting.

It has been spewing out lava since 1983. In fact, Kilauea means “spewing” in the native Hawaiian language. You can arrange to see red-hot lava, but be sure to check the updates online first before going.

Overall, this is a great idea for someone looking for an adventurous, unconventional vacation. It is strange, and important to do your research, but ultimately can be very rewarding to view these amazing molten rock mountains.