This Eco-Conscious Hideout in Ibiza Is a Must-Visit

Ibiza is often known as the party island, but it seems as though there is so much more to this destination than meets the eye. For decades, soul searchers and spiritualists alike have descended on the White Isle to find peace and enjoy the delights of the natural world. Because of this, many incredible hotels and communities have made their mark, and the Sabina Ibiza is certainly one of them.

This Eco-Conscious Hideout in Ibiza Is a Must-Visit

A Beautiful Island

If you have never been to Ibiza, you just need to look at pictures of this island to know that it’s naturally beautiful. With white sandy beaches and coves and incredible ocean views around the whole island, it’s no wonder that people travel to Ibiza to get away from everyday life. If you want to embrace your own self and the beauty of the world, then the Sabina Ibiza eco-community is everything you could possibly want and more.

Creating Something Special

This community was first created by Anton Biltong – and his 19-strong team of architects – after he was inspired by the beauty and the peacefulness of the Lost City of Petra. He wanted to create something similar on the island of Ibiza, and he wanted to offer luxury accommodation and living but with a spiritual twist. Now, this private and exclusive community is filled with 50 private villas that are surrounded by 17-hectares of stunning countryside.

This Eco-Conscious Hideout in Ibiza Is a Must-Visit

Private And Discreet

The community itself prides itself on being private and discreet, to offer people the chance to fully step away from their old life and connect with themselves and the natural world. Crystals were embedded into the foundations of this community, it houses a temple for people to think and unwind and a clubhouse for guests to mingle if they feel like it. As if that wasn’t enough, it boasts water preservation techniques, as well as an ‘Excellent’ pre-qualification for BREEAM.

Doesn’t this place look absolutely stunning?

Inflatable Paddleboards are as Good as the Regular

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Inflatable Paddleboards Are Safe and Sturdy

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Here’s the Catch

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