Discover The Most Colorful Places Around The World

Traveling the world can bring you sights and scenes that you will never experience in your home country.

Some of the most spectacular sights are the most colorful places on Earth, some must-see visits in your lifetime, where you can discover the vibrant colors of the world.

Lavender Fields, France

The sight of the lavender fields is just like wandering through a purple sea. Even if you don’t completely love the smell of the lavender fragrance, the color of the vibrant flower will lure you in to immerse yourself upon the colorful field.


Lake Hillier, Australia

The pink color of Lake Hillier, found in Western Australia, comes from its high salt content and the organisms living inside the lake. The color is permanent, so if you were to take some away in a bottle, it would remain pink!


Tulip Fields of Holland

A trip to the Netherlands during March or April is a definite must. Every spring, rows upon rows of colorful tulips bloom all around the country, making it a scene not to be missed in this part of the world.


Rua Luis de Camōes, Águeda, Portugal

Created in Aguedain 2012, this art project has become a yearly pop-up every July. As well as serving as shade for walkers passing by, the umbrellas in the main pedestrian streets of the town have become an important tourist attraction.

On your visit to Portugal, be sure to check out the colorful roof on your walk while exploring the city.


Holi Festival, India

The Hindu holiday of Holi, or “The Festival of Colors”, marks the beginning of spring. People around the world get together to celebrate this colorful holiday and if you’re lucky enough to be in India during this time, don’t be surprised if someone throws colored powder your way, it’s all part of the celebrations.

holi festival

Rue Targui, Chefchouen, Morocco

The all-blue city of Chefchouen in Morocco was a once closed off city to foreigners for 500 years. Now, the beauty of the city welcomes in travelers who wish to catch sight of the streets and buildings which are only in various shades of blue, making it a true blue paradise.