Why Cuba Needs To Be On Your Bucket List In 2019

While many of us have a travel bucket list as long as our arm, there could soon be one more destination to add to the many: Cuba. That’s right; this Caribbean island could be the next best place to visit in 2019.

Why Cuba Needs To Be On Your Bucket List In 2019

Music Fills The Streets

If you love to dance and jive at every opportunity, then look no further. You can drift off to sleep listening to live music and wake up in the morning to hear an entirely new tune. It’s almost as though the music on this island never sleeps as there is always plenty to please the ears.

The Beaches

Yes, just like the majority of the Caribbean, the beaches in Cuba are some of the most impressive in the world. However, there is often something that extra bit special when traveling to this island as the white sands and crystal clear blue waters can be mesmerizing as you pass the day away.

Why Cuba Needs To Be On Your Bucket List In 2019

It’s Relatively Untouched

Many people have started to add Cuba to their bucket lists, and now could be the time to do the same if you want to enjoy it for all of its peace and serenity before it’s too late. The island is still in touch with its true culture meaning that a vacation to the island is almost like stepping into an entirely new world.

It’s Pretty Safe

Of course, many people worry about their safety while heading abroad, but thankfully Cuba is one of the safest destinations. The police are often thought to be incredibly strict on anyone that steals from a tourist while the thieves and pickpockets mainly stick to the usual more popular areas of the island.

Why Cuba Needs To Be On Your Bucket List In 2019

It’s Filled With Classics

Believe it or not, but Cuba is filled with classic cars. That’s right; it can seem as though there is a vehicle from the past around just about every corner. The best bit? The majority of them have been impeccably well-restored meaning it really is like taking a step back in time when out on the streets.

With so many things to see and explore, it might be no wonder that Cube is becoming one of the most popular destinations for 2019. It could be time to book your tickets before it’s too late.