Discover a Vibrant Chinese Culture Blossoming Beyond Tahiti’s Beaches

The island of Tahiti is a famous tourist spot for its white-sand beaches, crystal blue water, and an array of touristy activities like kitesurfing and diving with manta days. But beyond the picturesque views, Tahiti is also home to a vibrant Chinese culture that is worth exploring. With a Chinese population of five to ten percent, Tahiti houses food, places, and a vibe inspired by the Asian heritage. Read on to know about the cultural learnings you can explore on the French Polynesian island.

The Island

Tahiti is much more than a vacation spot for tourists to sip back Pina Coladas. The island offers a delightful look and an opportunity to learn more about Chinese culture. The first Chinese workers arrived in Tahiti 157 years ago looking for menial jobs and have since made this place their home. An ethnic group from the Guangdong province of China, Hakka Chinese, makes up the most of this group. There are several local Chinese organizations, like the Association Koo Men Tong, which were formed in 1918 to assist with the welfare and upkeep of the culture. The association also holds Mandarin Chinese classes for children to learn the language.


An important landmark is the Arue Chinese cemetery, which is an ode to the Chinese tradition of burying the dead with their heads toward the sea. The cemetery houses more than 5,000 graves and features a gorgeous view of the bay in Pirae. The Kanti Chinese Temple is another great example of the Chinese heritage of the island with its 12 three-foot granite statues of the Chinese zodiac animals and the pagoda-style roof.


One of the oldest Tahitian Chinese restaurants on the island, Dahlia, beautifully translates Chinese food for the Tahitian palate. Dishes include a Tahitian Chinese roast duck featuring a sweet pecan sauce, steamed parrotfish, roasted pork, and fish maw. A must-try is the Poisson cru à la Chinoise, a fresh take on Tahiti’s unofficial national dish: raw tuna marinated in ginger and coconut milk.

Seven Countries That Are Perfect for People Who Like Solo Travel

Woman with a suitcase at the airport

Traveling on your own can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences. The benefits of discovering the world on your own range from absolute freedom and an amazing sense of empowerment to unique opportunities for reflection and self-discovery. Here are seven amazing countries that are perfectly suited for solo travel.

Solo Travel in Europe


The Lutheran church of Hallgrímskirkja, one of the tallest buildings in Iceland with its 244 ft spire

The island country of Iceland is consistently ranked among the best travel destinations in the world. The island is a haven for adventurers who love the outdoors as it is home to mind-blowing caves, caverns, volcanoes, glaciers, and geothermal spas. While in Reykjavik, consider whale watching in Faxaflói Bay, exploring the famous Blue Lagoon, or visiting Hallgrímskirkja, the country’s largest church.


Park Güell, a public park in Barcelona designed by the renowned Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí

Spain can easily cater to the diverse needs of its guests because it has a little bit of everything for everyone. Some of the world’s most beautiful and popular cities, such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and Seville, are located in the Iberian country. In addition, Spain has some of the most stunning beaches on the planet while its cuisine and exciting nightlife will surely leave you satisfied with your choice to visit it.


River city view of Berat and its buildings, which create the illusion of being watched through 1000 windows

Albania is an up-and-coming destination for solo travel. The country is located on the Ionian and Adriatic seas and is known for its friendly locals and amazing landscapes. The city of Berat is arguably Albania’s most astounding urban area. It’s known as the “town of a thousand windows” and offers its visitors the chance to glimpse at marvelous structures that range from Ottoman-era buildings and medieval castles to churches and mosques.


A Swiss train passing by a scenic lake in the majestic Alps

The best way to discover Switzerland is via train. Your journey will take you to waterfalls, forests, and lakes that will leave you speechless. Also, consider spending a few days hiking the Alps or visiting local castles. You can save a significant amount by purchasing a Swiss Travel Pass, which will give you unlimited access to bus, boat, and train travel. Don’t forget to eat some chocolate!

Discover the Rest of the World


La Mano de Punta del Este, a 1982 sculpture by Chilean artist Mario Irarrázabal at Brava Beach

Mix sunbathing with memorable cultural experiences by visiting Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. The city offers numerous historical attractions, museums, and traditional music and dance performances that will make you fall in love with this South American country. During your solo travel, consider visiting the beaches at Punta del Este, Rocha, and Jose Ignacio.


Bai Tu Long Bay, one of seven Vietnamese amphibian national parks that have both terrestrial and aquatic zones.

For endless adventure, you should consider no other destination than Vietnam. Catch a boat from Hạ Long and cruise through Bai Tu Long Bay to witness some of the world’s most striking natural landmarks. Find time to visit Ho Chi Minh City and learn more about the country’s tumultuous history, especially during the Vietnam War period.

New Zealand

One of the many life-size Hobbit houses on the Hobbiton Movie Set in New Zealand

Ranked as the second most peaceful country in the world, New Zealand is genuinely a paradise on Earth. It is home to astonishing fjords, rainforests, waterfalls, bays, and glaciers. It’s also the location of the Hobbiton Movie Set, which will allow you to travel solo through The Shire.

The world is full of places that are perfect for solo travel. All you need to do is awaken the adventurer in you, pack your bags, and choose a destination.