Check Out The World’s Most Thrilling Ski Lifts

While ski lifts may all serve a similar function, there are many ways to build one, from innovative designs, to a daring ride to lifts steeped in nostalgia, here are a few of the most exciting rides you can take to peaks around the world.

Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix, France

If you like thrills, this is the ski lift for you. Towering over the charming alpine town of Chamonix, this old school lift dangles from the top of a spindle as it makes one of the steepest ascents of any ski lift in the world.

As you climb, you’ll have incredible views of glaciers, forests, and sheer drop offs, not to mention Mont Blanc looming over you in the background.

Skyway Monte Bianco, Courmayeur, Italy

For skiers who ever wished they could get a 360 view of the surrounding terrain as they ride the gondola up, Italy has answered your prayers with the Skyway Monte Bianco.

Traversing the Italian side of Mont Blanc, the technologically advances Skyway gives you a look at the tallest peaks in the region. In the summer, the Skyway can even give you a ride from Punta Helbronner in Italy to Auguille du Midi in France.

Valluga, St. Anton, Austria

To the skiers looking for a more exclusive experience, book a private guide to gain access to Austria’s “sardine can” cable car. Each car fits five people as it travels over the public cable car.

Not only will you have the chance to ride in relative solitude, the sardine cans at Valluga will give you access to excellent off-piste.

Peak 2 Peak, Whistler-Blackcomb, Canada

When Canada decided to connect two of their most famous peaks, Whistler and Blackcomb, they turned to technology in order to make it happy in an eco-friendly manner.

The answer was the Peal 2 Peak aerial tram, which enables skiers to hit slopes on both mountains in a single day, easily traveling over the forest ravine below.

The tram covers 4.4 kilometers, and earned itself the world record for longest unsupported cable span of 3.024 km.

Jungfrau railway, Kleine Scheidegg, Switzerland

There are some who revel in the glory of technology and others who pine for the good ole days.

If you’re one of the latter, head over to Kleine Scheidegg, Switzerland where you can travel to the top of the slopes with the Jungfrau railway, which dates back to 1912.

The majority of the ride takes place inside the mountain, as the train passes through an interior tunnel. Each trip will give you a chance to check out the views from large tunnel windows twice per ride.