A Chance to Escape Into Nature With These Beautiful Livestreams

Stuck Indoors? Let these live video feeds be your escape into nature. Be it witnessing Ospreys recolonizing their territory or watching waterfalls in all their glory during the sunsets and sunrise, or seeing puffins fishing, napping, and hatch chicks. These live streams can give you a taste of the wildlife from the comfort of your home. So sit back and unwind and see our round-up of 3 must-see live streams.

Get Mesmerized by the Channel Island’s Kelp Forest

Interested in seeing the underwater life and getting mesmerized by its beauty? Then the Channel Island’s Kelp Forest live stream is just the place to be at. The underwater camera in Anacapa Island in Channel Island features a giant kelp swaying. The kelp is 100 feet long and grows around 11 inches per day. You can also see over 1000 species of sea creatures like otters, moray eels, seals passing by, making sure you never have a dull moment while watching the live stream.

Experience the Biwtiching Northern Lights in Manitoba

How do you feel about getting captivated by the enchanting northern lights in Manitoba? The live camera in Manitoba lets you enjoy the northern lights from wherever you are. To enjoy the best of the northern lights, make sure you keep tabs on the Aurora forecast; it will tell you when the light activity is high so you can witness the magic at its peak. The camera is situated at the border between the krummholz trees of the taiga and the open tundra. This placement also happens to be a frequented spot for elk and wolves.

Feel the Adventure at Tembe Elephant Park

When it comes to spotting wildlife, nothing beats the untouched forests of South Africa. This camera is placed n KwaZulu-Natal on a watering hole. This is a protected area that has been a critical route for elephant migration since 1983. Along with elephants, you can also spot lions, giraffes, wildebeests, cheetahs, zebras in the night.