Visit Bonito – The Hidden Underwater Gem Of Brazil’s Mato Grosso

Brazil is a huge part of the world with so many places to explore. However, the small town of Bonito has managed to fall under the radar. This is surprising, seeing that it boasts some of the most stunning aquatic environments on the planet.

bonito 3

Nestled in Mato Grosso do Sul, Bonito is a heaven for those who love nothing more than snorkeling and getting into some sort of marine adventure. With so many exciting things to do in this part of the world, there is something in Bonito for everyone.

One fascinating feature in this part of the world is its copious amount of springs. Some of these stunning bodies of water include the likes of Rio Sucuri and Rio do Prata – both with their unique waterscapes and ecosystems.

If springs aren’t really your thing, then why not venture into the mesmerizing waterfalls of Boca da Onca? With a guaranteed mix of adventure and relaxation, this experience is like no other, allowing travelers to enjoy incredible waterfalls and the beautiful nature surrounding them.

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However, if you are striving for even crazier heights, then the Anhumas Abyss might be the place for you. After diving into this enchanted blue lagoon, you will embark on an organized tour through a cave believed to be over 14 million years old.

Also, if you’re not such a huge fan of water, have no fear – Bonito has plenty of other things to offer. Take Buraco das Araras, for example. This is basically one of the planet’s largest sinkholes and has a vast array of birdlife.

Then, if you like delving into the world of archeology, why not take a descent into the lake of Gruta do Lago Azul? If you are lucky, you might just find a fossil belonging to an ancient sloth or maybe even a saber-toothed tiger.

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Having been an ecotourist’s favorite since the 90s, Bonito is something of a preserved location that requires constant care and attention from the state. In fact, some of the aforementioned sites have limited times for visitation, so make sure to check your information thoroughly before arrival.