The Best Times to Visit Jamaica, According to Local Experts

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It can be pretty heartbreaking to save up, plan a trip, and finally get there, just to learn that you’ve arrived at the wrong season for the activities you wanted to do. That’s why it’s so important to learn what times of the year are best for which type of travel. And what better way to learn than from locals?

Smaller Crowds

If you don’t want to be surrounded by your fellow tourists the entire trip, opt for April, as many US travelers go to Jamaica to escape the cold weather back home and return to the States in the spring. Tryall Club managing director Kenton Jones explains, “Traveling during [these months] has its perks since people can enjoy less traffic as you travel from destination to destination as well as fewer crowds in town centers, public beaches, and restaurants.”

Best Weather

If you want every day of your vacation to be a perfect beach day, try to get there anytime between December and March. April and May are also options, although you may get hit by a brief rainshower or two in those months.

Lowest Prices

Like any destination, Jamaica is cheapest during the off-season, which is between July and September.

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If you aren’t able to schedule your trip for the summer months, you can still catch a decent deal by avoiding February, as people tend to flock to Jamaica to escape the winter.


If you want to experience Carnival like a local, fly to Jamaica in early April. According to Jones, “Throughout Carnival, there are fetes, beach parties, and smaller street parades, which all lead up to the biggest event of Carnival: the National Carnival Road March in Kingston. The Road March is a masquerade parade where the whole island comes together in celebration, dancing throughout the streets in the most incredible costumes while mas bands play the music that is part of Jamaica’s cultural identity.” That definitely sounds like it’s worth a trip!

This Is the Best City for Luxury Shopping, According to New Data

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Lartisien, a company known for creating tailor-made travel experiences, has released its extensively researched list of the 10 best cities worldwide for luxury shopping, and the outcome is certainly unexpected. Forget Paris or Milan! Tokyo is now the new king of luxury shopping and this is everything you need to know before you head there for some expensive retail therapy.

A Luxurious Shopping Spree

Intriguingly, Tokyo’s ascendancy is attributed to its vibrant fashion scene, fueled by the eclectic street styles and the glamor of Rakuten Fashion Week. Lartisien’s comprehensive analysis revealed that Tokyo boasts an impressive 217 designer stores, with Armani taking center stage as the most dominant presence.

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Ginza, translated to silver mint in Japanese, is the epicenter of Tokyo’s luxury shopping experience. Here, high-end designer boutiques grace the streets, including the unmissable seven-floor Louis Vuitton and the upscale shopping haven, Ginza Six.

Hong Kong Emerges as Second on the List

Securing the second spot on the list is Hong Kong, flaunting 211 designer stores. Lartisien notes the city’s diverse shopping landscape, featuring iconic destinations like the Landmark and Elements malls, along with numerous flagship stores.

While Tokyo may outshine in sheer numbers, Hong Kong takes pride in hosting the highest concentration of individuals with extremely high net worth globally, ensuring a thriving market for those seeking the pinnacle of designer wear.

Further Down the Shopping List

The capital city of South Korea, Seoul, is the third one. It is an island of trendsetters, where shopping scenes with fashion on the edge captivate and make it a paradise for trendsetters.

Fourth place goes to Paris, the eternal fashion capital, which calls fashion lovers to iconic streets like the Champs Elysees. The fifth position is occupied by New York City, a global fashion capital with its Fifth Avenue and SoHo luxury shopping experience.