Best Destinations For An Off-The-Grid Vacation

Staying off-the-grid is something that intrigues – and scares – many of us. Thankfully, it’s a chance to get back in touch with nature like never before. There are many hidden gems around the world that offer the best backdrops to take a break from modern life with ease.

Big Sur, California

This has been a favorite off-the-grid destination for many over the years. Big Sur is surrounded by miles of uninterrupted landscape that’s filled with forests and rugged mountains. The views here are unlike many in the world, let alone the U.S.

Best Destinations For An Off-The-Grid Vacation

Yoho National Park, Canada

A trip to Yoho National Park sure is one way to take your mind away from the rest of the world for a while. You won’t need tech when you have rowing, skiing, fishing, mountain biking, and hiking all at your fingertips. After all, you won’t have time to check your phone with so much to do.


Believe it or not, but the internet wasn’t even legal here until the turn of the century. There are still so many places scattered throughout Bhutan that have stuck to their roots. There are so many outdoor activities to enjoy, including meditation at a Buddhist monastery and hiking through Himalayan peaks.

Best Destinations For An Off-The-Grid Vacation

Little Palm Island, Florida Keys

The only way to get to this resort is by boat. However, there are no TVS to distract you. No, there are only hammocks, personal huts, and enough underwater life will make most of us want to dive in. While Little Palm Island is off-the-grid, it does have a brilliant spa on offer.

Sometimes, we all need to get off-the-grid for a while and detox from technology. Most of us spend our days surrounded by the thing. However, heading around the world could be all we need to give our minds and bodies a rest.

Best Destinations For An Off-The-Grid Vacation