Some Of The Best Cities To Visit In The UK

There are so many different cities in the UK that each have a unique feeling, but there are some that you should definitely prioritize on your list of places to visit.

Some Of The Best Cities To Visit In The UK


Bath has been known as being one of the most beautiful cities in the UK and has some incredible historical sights to be seen. Bath is a bustling town, filled with things to do, but one of the obvious things to do is the Roman Baths. Be awe-struck by the incredible Royal Crescent, and admire the impressive Georgian architecture.


There is always something to discover in London, so it’s best you get started as soon as possible. It is the capital of England, and home to landmarks such as Big Ben, Tower Bridge, the Houses of Parliament, and so much more. Of course, that’s forgetting the quirky parts of London, where you get to experience more crazy things than you ever could have imagined.

Some Of The Best Cities To Visit In The UK


The capital of Scotland is definitely not something to be missed. You’ll be introduced to an entirely different set of landmarks and history, such as the Edinburgh Castle, the Scottish Royal palace, and plenty of others. If you really want a bite of the history pie, then head on over to the Palace of Holyroodhouse – its looming walls will transport you a hundred years back in time.


Canterbury is a much smaller city, and can pretty much be discovered in a day or so. However, don’t underestimate the beautiful Canterbury Cathedral, home to the Archbishop of Canterbury, or forget the beautiful river running through the city center. You can even eat an evening meal with a perfect view of the river if you choose your restaurant wisely.

Cities in the UK are amazing, but it depends what you’re looking to experience.