The Best Spots To Watch The Berlin Sunset

Anyone who visits Berlin is sure to speak wonders of the German capital, for its delicious food, mouth-watering beers, and captivating culture. However, after a day of enjoying one or all three, the day is finished with a spectacular sunset, and it is not one to be missed. Here are the best places to capture a Berlin sunset – to enjoy over a nice, German, beer of course.


Tempelhofer Feld

As one of the most special places in Berlin, catching a sunset at Tempelhofer Feld is a remarkable way to end your day. While it may be the defunct airport of the GDR, today the one time used landing strips have transformed into a unique track for joggers, cyclists, and skaters. The rest of the area is transformed into a festival-like affair during the summer where many get together over music, food, and beer, and can enjoy the magical sunset.


On the Landwehrkanal

What better way to end the closing hours of the day than by a grassy banked canal, where the light hits the water and the scene becomes even more gorgeous. Turning to pinks and oranges, the color of the water and the lighting hitting your face all at the same time, is sure to keep everyone in a great mood.

You even have the option of places to sit along the riverside depending on what you’re into. Admiralbrücke is where you will find people playing the guitar, and Hobrechtbrücke or Glogauer Brücke offer great chilled vibes to sit back and relax.



Klunkerkranich is really a triple threat. As a great rooftop restaurant and event space, it is the perfect place to eat, drink and unwind. Sitting on top of the Neukölln Arcade, its decor is quirky and unique, and it also offers unbeatable views of the city, perfect for an end of the day sunset. Host to live concerts and some of Berlin’s best DJs, this place is to go on the top of your list for your visit to Berlin.