All Aboard for Autumn: The Best Way to See New York’s Fall Foliage

All Aboard for Autumn: The Best Way to See New York’s Fall Foliage

Fall foliage in the American Northeast is very popular amongst nature lovers. At this time when leaves are transforming into bright colors, many people are searching for ways to appreciate the fall foliage. Cooperstown and Charlotte Valley railway provides an enjoyable and peaceful option for experiencing the season without all the traffic hubbub.

History and Revival

This lovely railway departs from Milford in New York and gives you a great chance to enjoy autumn colors in luxury. This railway was set up in 1869 to enable people to move between two destinations.

History and Revival

Freight train service continued until 1996. At this time, the Leatherstocking Railway Historical Society came in and bought and restored the railway. Since 1999, they have been providing seasonal passenger services among them the famous fall foliage excursions, which are running now.

Enjoying Fall Colors in Comfort

What sets this experience apart is the opportunity to take in these splendid sights from an open-air car with a permanent canopy, ensuring a perfect view, rain or shine.

The ride takes approximately two hours, allowing passengers to revel in the breathtaking fall landscape through massive picture windows. To enhance the journey, the railway offers complimentary snacks, and passengers can purchase food from the dining car.

Seasonal Excursions: More Than Just Fall Foliage

While the Fall Foliage Excursions are the main attraction during this season, the Cooperstown and Charlotte Valley Railway provides additional autumn-themed experiences. On October 21 and 22, they offer the Pumpkin Patch Express, taking passengers to a private pumpkin patch for some gourd-picking fun.

For families traveling with children, the Trick-or-Treat Express provides trick-or-treat bags onboard for the little ones. However, tickets for these unique journeys are in high demand, much like the fall foliage itself, so those interested should secure their tickets promptly.

Have a Great Day With Togo Grilled Chicken!

There’s something about grilled chicken that brings a smile to every face. While we’ve all had our share of KFC and barbeque grills, here’s introducing you to a very simple, straightforward, and delicious grilled chicken to sink your teeth into – Togo Grilled Chicken! An original recipe from the heartland of Togo, a small African country bordering Ghana, the Togolese love this recipe. Mrs. Essowedeou, who sells eggs and chicken to feed her family, tells us, “Sometimes all you need is good chicken to bring you a bit of joy.”


So are you ready to dig into this lip-smacking Togolese winner? This fuss-free recipe rests on a simple marinating of three basic ingredients- ginger, garlic, and onion. Bring on some cayenne pepper if you’re feeling hot; and to go really Togolese, shake on a mix of red palm oil, salt, and pepper. Marinate overnight for best results, and slow cook the chicken legs.


10 Chicken legs (other pieces will do as well)

2 Tbsp ginger, freshly grated

8 cloves garlic, freshly crushed

2 Tbsp red palm oil (use any other oil if unavailable)

Salt as per taste

Pepper and Cayenne pepper ( if you like it hot)

1 onion, chopped into large rings

Traditionally served with cornmeal cakes (called Djenkoume), sliced onions, and tomatoes.


Step 1: First, get your feet tapping to Togolese beats! Now rub on the first batch of ingredients (ginger, garlic, red palm oil, salt, and pepper/s).

Step 2: Next, toss in the onion and mix well in a large bowl. Let the Marinate sit for thirty minutes at least, and overnight if possible.

Step 3: Set the grill to medium heat (about 450F). Grill chicken till done, separating the onion rings. (You can also use an oven to roast the chicken)

Step 4: Grill onions separately so as not to burn them.

Your chicken is ready!

Serve on your table with Togo betas playing in the background. And watch your family break into a happy dance.