The 3 Things You Need To Do In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the cities that many people put on their bucket list to visit at some point in their lives. It’s famed for many things, but we’re looking at the three things you cannot leave Amsterdam without doing.

The 3 Things You Need To Do In Amsterdam

Get Lost Among The Canals

The canal system is one of the reasons why so many people keep going back to Amsterdam. If you don’t believe us, just take a walk around the waterways one morning and try not to have a great time. The canals are really at the heart of the Dutch city and if walking isn’t your thing you can always take a boat or gondola ride through them. Considering so much of the city is within touching distance of a canal, you really have to check them out.

Get On Your Bike

Another thing that Holland is famed for is bike riding, and you’ll find plenty of bicycles in Amsterdam. It’s thought that the number of bicycles in the city actually outnumbers the people living there. The best way to get around the city and see as much as possible is to go by bike, plus thanks to the cycling culture, you get priority around Amsterdam.

The 3 Things You Need To Do In Amsterdam

Anne Frank House

Amsterdam is where the famous Anne Frank grew up and wrote her diary during the Second World War that was read all over the world. She hid in this house from persecution for months along with her family in the hidden rooms. You can get close to history at Anne Frank’s house and see just what it took for her and her family to avoid detection from the Germans for so long.

There is so much to see and do in Amsterdam, but these are the things we believe you can’t leave the city without doing.