Plan Your Next Vacation To This Affordable Caribbean Paradise

The Indura Beach and Golf Resort is situated within the jungles and along the beaches of Tela Bay in northern Honduras. Visitors come to check out its unique golf course, remote beaches, and exciting tourist attractions. The best part of the Indura Beach and Golf Resort is the incredibly low prices.

The thick jungle reaches its sudden end at the Tela Bay, where you will find beautiful isolated beaches with the Caribbean’s signature turquoise water. With the world-famous Mesoamerican Reef containing the world’s highest concentrations of elk coral, the bay is known for its amazing diving. During the winter, visibility is not the best, but during the summer season, you’ll find calm water and revitalized coral reefs.


Along the shoreline, you’ll notice a series of thatched-roof huts. These huts are part of the Garifuna villages. The Garifuna people are an Afro-Caribbean group who live along the beaches of northern Honduras and southern Belize.

For a truly native experience, visitors can walk through the villages of Miami and Tornabe and try some of the delicious and affordable local cuisines. In Honduras, a quality seafood meal will cost a tourist about nine dollars.

Not far from the village of Miami, you’ll find Jeanette Kawas National Park, which consists of deserted beaches, and jungles filled with howler monkeys, vines, banana plants, and giant ferns. The incredible natural landscape is a rare tourist destination which has remained untouched by modern technology and architecture.


Once you’ve seen all you can during the daylight hours, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by Tela Bay’s affordable waterfront nightlife scene. At the restaurant Maya Vista, a full three-course meal will cost you no more than $20. There are also a vast number of bars along the shoreline where you’ll find anything from local Spanish music to American pop.


All in all, Tela Bay is one of the most affordable and rarely visited vacation destinations in the entire Caribbean Region. What are you waiting for? Start planning your trip today!