6 Best Spots for a Great Weekend Escape From NYC

It’s Time to Take a Short Vacation!

There’s a plethora of options to escape the hustle and bustle of NYC with a weekend getaway. From serene beach retreats to thrilling outdoor explorations, there’s an ideal spot for every traveler in nearby cities. Here are a few handpicked choices for a perfect getaway from NYC.

Long Beach Island, New Jersey (2-Hour Drive)

Long Beach Island is a serene destination for NYC dwellers. Visitors can climb 217 steps to the top of the Barnegat Lighthouse and soak in panoramic views of Barnegat Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Pinky Shrimp’s Seafood Company is ideal to indulge in a “fried family feast” featuring delectable shrimp, scallops, crab cakes, and more.

The Poconos, Pennsylvania (2-Hour Drive)

With miles of hiking trails winding through old-growth forests, the Poconos offer ample opportunities for nature enthusiasts. Camelback Mountain’s Adventure Park offers exhilarating activities for all ages. Native in Honesdale offers upscale cuisine crafted from locally sourced produce. Cove Haven Resort is an iconic couples-only hotel known for its romantic ambiance and heart-shaped tubs.

Washington, D.C. (4-Hour Drive)

Washington, D.C. (4-Hour Drive)

The capital city of the US offers a wealth of activities and attractions to suit all interests. Visitors from NYC can delve into history by exploring the iconic monuments on the National Mall, chilling at the Dupont Underground for local art exhibits, or enjoying jazz concerts in the National Gallery of Art sculpture garden.

The Adirondacks, New York (4-5-Hour Drive)

The Adirondacks, New York (4-5-Hour Drive)

The Adirondack Mountains promise an abundance of outdoor activities and natural beauty. Visitors from NYC can immerse themselves in hiking trails, kayaking expeditions, and white water rafting in the Hudson River. Exploring the region’s picturesque lakes in canoes is a popular pastime, with opportunities to spot wildlife. The Point, a former Rockefeller family retreat, provides an exclusive and intimate lodging experience.

Farmington, Pennsylvania (6-Hour Drive)

Farmington, Pennsylvania, stands out as a unique and quirky gem among weekend getaway destinations from NYC. Nature enthusiasts can visit the nearby Laurel Caverns, the largest cave system in the state, where colorful lights enhance the beauty of the underground chambers. Don’t miss out on the renowned Fallingwater, a Frank Lloyd Wright home and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Bermuda (2-Hour Flight)

Despite not being within driving distance, Bermuda offers a convenient two-hour flight from NYC, making it an attractive option for a quick escape. This subtropical paradise boasts pristine beaches with crystal-clear waters. Visitors can savor craft cocktails at The Swizzle Inn, create their own personalized scent at the Lili Bermuda Perfumery, and explore natural wonders like The Blue Hole Park.

Estonia Celebrates Shrove Tuesday With Whipped Cream Buns

Whipped Cream Buns

Famously known as “Pancake Tuesday,” Shrove Tuesday is widely celebrated in Christian countries with tons of delicious treats. Much like most Nordic countries, Estonia also has a tradition of people consuming tons of mouthwatering buns with whipped cream on that day. Although the tradition may have its roots in religion, today, it’s seen more of a national custom rather than a Christian celebration.

Weird Old Shrove Tuesday Traditions

Since Estonia has never been particularly religious, the so-called Vastlapäev (Shrove Tuesday) has always been associated with entertainment and the anticipation of spring. Some of the old traditions on this day include sledding and dancing. According to custom, the longer the flax stem used as a sleigh, the more fertile the year ahead will be. People weren’t allowed to start a fire or to spin lamb’s wool on Shrove Tuesday. There were competitions for the best humming top made of pig feet and a number of other odd customs.

There were many dated traditions involving flax as it used to be grown all over the country. For example, aside from sledding, flax was also the main participant in other customs like drinking straight from the bottle to ensure long flax fibers. Since flax is rarely grown in Estonia these days, these were customs gradually left in the past.

Celebrate Vastlapäev Like They Do In Estonia

Whipped Cream Buns Back in the day, the cuisine for Vastlapäev was pretty rustic: boiled pigs’ trotter and a soup of peas and beans. Nowadays, the tradition has evolved to add delicious whipped cream buns that are also known as semla in Northern Europe. Baking this delicious treat isn’t going to trouble more experienced chefs, but if you’re feeling insecure in your baking skills, you can find semla virtually anywhere on Shrove Tuesday. Add caster sugar and feel free to add extra flavors with your favorite jam, and viola! Enjoy it like they do in Estonia.