Travel Tips You Will Actually Use

Traveling is one of the most enjoyable experiences, especially if you are heading to vacation.

According to the United States Travel Association, 79% of domestic trips are taken for pleasure purposes. The top pleasure activities were cited as shopping, visiting friends and family, exotic food and, sightseeing in rural areas.

These actually helpful travel tips will help you have the most optimal experience on the go.

1) Don’t Be Intimidated By A Weird Layover Schedule

Usually, you imagine a layover to be short enough that you can just squeeze in a drink and a bite to eat at the airport, but long enough that you don’t risk missing your connecting flight.

But sometimes the best flight deals have extended layovers that last a day or even more. Embrace this opportunity to see another city on your vacation.


2) Travel Off-season

Because of the holiday season, or the seasonal migration of folks from cold areas to warm for vacation, there are usually high prices during these peak times. Try and travel during off-peak times.

3) Travel Mid-week

Just like the year has a peak time where prices are high, each week has the same structure. Weekends are the most expensive, with Tuesdays or Wednesdays usually being the cheapest. Use your vacation days wisely.

airplane sleeping

4) For Holidays, It Doesn’t Matter When You Book A Flight

Holidays will always be expensive, due to the consistently high demand, so if you book 2 months in advance or 2 weeks in advance, it won’t make a big difference.

5) Ask For An Upgrade

On planes, in hotels, or even with a car rental, it never hurts to ask.

plane wing

6) Measure Your Bags

You can weigh your bag with a bathroom scale before you get to the airport, as extra baggage fees take away from your restaurant budget.