The Best Ski Resorts in Michigan, According to Local Experts

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Looking for the perfect snowy playground? Michigan might just be the answer. Known for its expansive coastlines, the Wolverine State also holds a hidden gem: its skiing destinations. With over 3,000 miles of coastline, Michigan’s winter appeal extends to its 40+ ski resorts, all within a 2.5-hour drive from anywhere in the state. From night skiing to glimpses of the northern lights, here’s a guide to the top ski resorts in Michigan, perfect for your winter getaway.

Boyne Mountain Resort and Snow River Mountain Resort

A cherished spot for winter sports aficionados, Boyne Mountain Resort in Boyne Falls offers an unforgettable experience with its 60 runs sprawling across 400 skiable acres. What makes it stand out is the SkyBridge Michigan, the world’s longest timber-towered suspension bridge, presenting awe-inspiring panoramas of the Boyne Valley. A visit here isn’t complete without a stop at Eagle’s Nest, where a 360-degree fireplace provides the perfect warmth after a day on the slopes.

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As the largest ski resort in the Upper Peninsula, Snow River Mountain Resort in Wakefield boasts an impressive average of 150 inches of annual powder. This resort spans two mountains, offering 56 trails and 400 acres of terrain. Its inclusion in the Legendary Ski Pass grants access to other notable Midwest resorts. Beyond skiing, the proximity to Ironwood, home to Stormy Kromer clothing, adds a unique shopping experience when visiting this resort in Michigan.

Crystal Mountain Resort and Mount Bohemia

Crystal Mountain Resort in Thompsonville, a local favorite, offers a family-friendly atmosphere with 59 runs and over 100 acres of skiable area. Families and beginners can take advantage of the ski learning center, while snowboarders revel in the three terrain areas. Night skiing across 27 illuminated slopes adds an extra dimension to the experience.

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Mount Bohemia in Lac La Belle stands as an exclusive haven for expert skiers, emphasizing its challenging terrains with steep slopes and a considerable 900-foot vertical drop. Its unique feature lies in the almost 300 inches of annual snowfall attributed to the lake effect. The resort offers off-piste skiing experiences and the exclusive Voodoo Mountain, accessible through “cat-skiing,” providing an unparalleled adventure for seasoned skiers.

Shanty Creek Resort

Nestled near the breathtaking Torch Lake, Shanty Creek Resort in Bellaire is divided into three distinct villages, featuring a total of 53 trails catering to various skill levels. The advanced skiing hub is Schuss Mountain, while the resort’s extensive Nordic trail system spans over 15 miles, offering exceptional cross-country skiing opportunities. With alpine tubing and multiple terrain parks, Shanty Creek ensures a comprehensive winter experience for all visitors.

No matter what kind of skiing experience you’re looking for, Michigan has something to offer. The state is absolutely worth checking out the next time you’re planning a ski trip!