3 Restaurants You Must Dine at in Beirut

For travelers who are looking for something more than the usual touristy destinations, Beirut is an interesting place to explore. Situated in the Mediterranean Sea and a beautiful mountainous backdrop, the pulsating city will entice you with its glorious history, interesting museums, chic nightlife, and delectable food. The Beirut restaurants do not limit their cuisines to Lebanese but also offer international cuisines. It’s something you should definitely try while you are in the city.

Em Sherif Restaurant

This is a wonderful Lebanese restaurant you should try in Beirut. You will be treated to a luxurious dining experience that you must try at least once in your lifetime. The interiors are rich and the tableware is excellent. The staff is courteous and there are soothing Arabian songs playing in the background. The food is made to perfection with no compromise on quality. And the menu with its unlimited option will let you dine till you can eat no more. It is situated at Rue Victor Hugo and serves Lebanese, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cuisines.

Babel Bay

When you are in Beirut and craving seafood, Babel Bay is the place to be. They are well known for their seafood dishes and their unique flavors. The restaurant is located at Beirut Marina, Zaitunay Bay, and is well known for its impeccable services. From the moment you enter the restaurant, the staff will pamper you with their services. Their seafood, Lebanese, and Middle Eastern cuisines will have you licking your plate clean. However, we suggest you do not lick the plate.


An authentic Lebanese restaurant, this place in Beirut is a haven for foodies. It is also a place that encourages cooks and farmers from all over the country to share their own cooking recipes and traditions. What sets this restaurant apart is their food that is farm fresh. The food is then displayed in a buffet fashion every afternoon. The restaurant is situated at 12 Rue Naher, Armenia Street. The food will make you come back for more, but be sure not to come back on a Sunday because that is when they are closed.

Plan a Secluded Vacation on Necker Island, Richard Branson’s Place

Necker Island, bird's eye view

It’s no secret that the rich and the famous often like to find seclusion in the biggest mansions of the farthest islands. Sir Richard Branson is one of the lucky men to have an entire island all to himself. That, however, is about to change. Located in the crystal clear waters of the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, Necker Island is now open to visitors again.

Necker Island’s Recovery from Hurricane Irma

Branson’s island was a paradise and a favorite spot for destination weddings until it was struck by the devastating Hurricane Irma back in 2017. The good news is that Branson invested in a two-year rebuild that was recently completed. Necker Island is now more luxurious and lush than ever before.

A New Luxury Vacation Spot

Necker Island, watersport activities When it comes to finding luxury and seclusion, the opulent private island, which can accommodate up to 22 guests at a time, ticks both boxes. Those guests can enjoy a number of perks on the 74-acre estate, such as a private beach and stretch of water, water sports, private tennis lessons with a professional coach, and so much more. Not to mention the breathtaking views over the Caribbean all the way from the infinity pools and the floating sushi bar.

In terms of booking your stay there, you can go for a full buyout, or use the “Celebration Week” to book individual rooms. Necker Island welcomes all types of guests, from solo travelers to couples and families.

A Piece of Paradise

Aside from luxury, Necker Island will delight guests with its rich flora and fauna. Once there, you’ll be able to see flamingos, lemurs, iguanas, and tortoises in their natural habitat. The best part? The private resort is built with as much concern about the surrounding nature as possible. Nearly 90% of it runs on renewable energy.

Sir Richard Branson

In a recent statement, Branson shared his joy to be sharing the idyllic island with its future guests.